November 2019 | A Pretty Penny

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller Review...

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. All opinions are 100% mine.
I have been looking forward to this post and have been so excited to finally share it! I have teamed up with UPPAbaby to share my review on the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller! I am so excited to share my experience using it, what I love about it, and how I like the color! I wanted to use it for a couple months and really get the hang of it before I published this blog post so I can give you my informed opinion!
First off, when we were looking for a stroller to register for, we asked for advice from all outlets. We researched, Googled, posted on Instagram and Facebook, and asked specialists at the baby stores. Everyone ALWAYS recommended the UPPAbaby VISTA. We were told it was an amazing stroller, with amazing storage, and that it was the perfect stroller to grow with. Let me tell you, the UPPAbaby VISTA did not disappoint! I instantly fell in love with it when we tried it out, due to how much storage there was, the way everything was compatible, and the range of colors. 

The UPPAbaby VISTA is so user friendly and convenient for parents. All of the UPPAbaby products in the VISTA line are compatible with each other. The Bassinet, cars eat, and Toddler seat all hook onto the stroller without any adapters. They are easy to take on and off, and I love that you can face all three either towards you, or facing away.

We decided on the color GREGORY (which is a grey color) for our stroller, and the color JAKE (black) for our MESA car seat. When we first got it and put it together my immediate thought was how nice and luxurious it looked and felt. I love the brown leather handles and the silver frame. 

The stroller itself is SO light. It makes it easy to pack in and out of the car when I'm running errands which is a definitely plus for parents! PRO: I love how the stroller stands up on its own when folded up! 
Let's talk about the MESA car seat. We decided on the color JAKE, which is black, and I have loved it! I have loved how easy it is to snap into the car seat base, and how easy it snaps onto the stroller. I am a huge fan of convenience! Carrying around the car seat is not as bad as you think. I am still building up my mom muscles, but the car seat is not super heavy, so it isn't bad to carry around if you aren't able to take your stroller.

The only downside to the MESA car seat is I wish the canopy extended a little more. I wish there was a little more of an extension to add a little more shade for Rowan when it is bright out. Other than that we have loved the MESA car seat!
The UPPAbaby VISTA comes with a Bassinet when you purchase the stroller. For me it was a huge selling point! I love the way it looks and how much wiggle room there is for Rowan to sprawl out when we have her in it.

I have used the Bassinet a lot since we have gotten the stroller. I take frequent walks with Rowan and always put her in the Bassinet. There is so much room and it is comfortable for longer periods of time. She loves the freedom to move around and always falls right to sleep on our walks. Since it has been getting a little colder I snuggle her in a blanket and make sure to zip up the Bassinet cover to provide extra warmth and protection.

A few things I love about the Bassinet:
1) There is a vent on the bottom of the Bassinet to provide air flow. We used that a ton during the summer when it would get hot! It would cool her down while she was in it. It also is perfect to open if they are sleeping overnight in the Bassinet. 
2) The canopy of the Bassinet opens in the back to allow extra air flow. So great for the hot months!
3) The hidden canopy within the Bassinet comes down so far! It also has UPF 50 so it can protect Rowan from the sun while we are on our walks!
The UPPAbaby VISTA stroller has been an absolute dream since we have gotten it! When we go to the mall, Target, or the store for a quick shopping trip we don't even grab a cart. There is so much room in the undercarriage that we usually just put our bags or groceries in there! 

We love everything about this stroller! The color is absolutely gorgeous and it hides dirty spots well! We haven't needed to clean it yet, or even gotten it dirty, but I love that it won't show as much. 

Colin is so proud of this stroller and it is his favorite "baby product" we have by a landslide! Every time we are with friends or family he tells them all about the stroller and takes the time to show them all the features. It is definitely the Cadillac of strollers.  

We love it how it is, but we did end up purchasing a couple additions for the stroller. We bought adapters for when we need to add a second seat. We also ended up buying a Carry-All stroller organizer for the front that is big enough to hold my Hydroflask! I love having it on the handles when I go for walks so it can hold my Hydroflask, keys, and phone so I can listen to Crime Junkie with ease!

I hope you enjoyed my UPPAbaby VISTA stroller review! We absolutely love this stroller and would recommend it a million times over! We are so glad we got it and are so excited to grow with it!