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Why We Love The mamaRoo...

This post is in collaboration with 4moms, but all opinions are my own.
Before we had Rowan we did a lot of research on which items and products were the best and most recommended! The 4moms mamaRoo was one of the most recommended from friends and baby sites! Now that we have got to use it for the past couple months I can definitely see why!
There are so many reasons that make the mamaRoo the ideal baby product, but I am going to tell you a few of our favorites!

First off, we LOVE that you can control the mamaRoo from your phone via bluetooth. Before Rowan was even born, we downloaded the app and set it up. it is so user-friendly and easy to use! Sometimes when we grab Rowan out of the mamaRoo we forget to turn it off, so it makes it so convenient to turn it on and off from our phones. As well as change the settings and sounds.

We also love that there are so many different settings you can use! There are 5 different motions it can do, and the speed an go up to 5. Rowans favorites are Car Ride or Tree Swing. She could sit there for hours being rocked while she stares at the black and white mobile! She absolutely loves being fixated on those while she just kicks and kicks. She is getting so alert and loves looking at movement and shapes lately, so it has been perfect! The mobile has 3 balls and is actually reversible and removable. 1 is a rattle, 1 has crinkle paper, and the other has a mirror. They are also brightly colored!
There are also 4 different sounds you can turn on: rain, fan, ocean and heartbeat (The sound level can also go up to 5). It is perfect if your baby is a fan of white noise. Rowan loves the fan and it seems to instantly calm her. One setting we haven't used on the sound is the AUX port. You can plug in your phone and play your own sounds or music while your baby is rocking in the mamaRoo. I think it is a great idea! Rowan loves the song 'Thunder' by Imagine Dragons, so I'm sure she would be crazy happy if we hooked up our phones and played that while she was in the mamaRoo.

We have been putting Rowan in the mamaRoo ever since she came home from the hospital. We keep it in our living room and it is so perfect when we need to wash some bottles, unload the dishwasher, or straighten up. She loves being rocked and it keeps her entertained for periods of time. We did have the newborn insert, which was so cute and incredibly soft! (We ended up getting the limited edition Little Lunar insert) She has since outgrown it, which I can't even believe, but it was amazing to keep her snug and secure while strapped in.

I'll be honest, when we were registering and I saw that the mamaRoo was over $200 I thought, "do we really need it?" I know I got this through a collaboration, but if I didn't I would definitely spend the money on the mamaRoo. To me it would be worth EVERY PENNY! There are so many times that Row has been so tired, cranky, or crying and no matter of holding or us rocking her calms her down. But the moment we put her in the mamaRoo, she instantly calms down and stares at the mobile. It deserves an award in my book for helping parents! The mamaRoo has been a lifesaver for us and I can't recommended it enough for parents with little ones!



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