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Laundry Made Easy With Persil ProClean Discs...

This post is in collaboration with Persil. All opinions are my own. #PersilPartner #Walmart #PersilProCleanDiscsatWalmart

There is nothing better than clean sheets amiright? Especially when it’s this pregnant lady’s dream to curl up in those sheets and take a nap! Too bad being pregnant has made me a little lazy, but honestly who LOVES doing laundry? Before I started using Persil® ProClean® Discs™ I hated having to measure the right amount of detergent, making a mess and getting frustrated. With Persil Discs all I have to do is pop one into the washer with my load of laundry and call it good!

I will be honest in saying that I will definitely take the easy way out when it comes to doing laundry! I am not about to drag my laundry to and from the washer multiple times a week. Between me being pregnant and my husband’s love for pickle ball, I make sure that all of our laundry is getting done, and it is being treated with something that can really fight stains and provides lasting freshness. That is where Persil Discs changed my life.
You might not guess it but being pregnant is a lot messier than I was expecting it to be. As my belly continues to grow, I am constantly misjudging how far this belly of mine really sticks out, even though it does come in handy when I need to use it as a shelf (haha). Plus, my clumsiness level is up 1000% percent. So, between those two factors my clothes are constantly being spilled on, bumped up against something dirty. It is a never-ending cycle. Let me tell you, I was at work heating up my lunch and wanted to make sure my meal didn’t need to be heated up more. So, I went to take a bite and it fell off my fork and landed right on my belly making a mess. It really is quite amazing how this belly of mine is like a magnet for all messes. Making it nearly impossible to go through the day with only one outfit.

From making the switch, not only have I noticed a HUGE difference in my clothes, but the detergent smells amazing! Am I the only one who is obsessed with the smell of good clean laundry? I’ve noticed that my clothes seem to have a last freshness to them throughout the week until the next laundry day. Being pregnant I am trying to stay as cool as I can this summer, so that means LOTS of white clothing. I don’t know about you, but I tend to notice over time that my whites start to look a little less bright. Since using Persil® ProClean® Discs™ my whites have seemed to stay white and bright! I promise I’m not just making this up!
So, if you are like me and like convenience and are a little lazy when it comes to laundry, then Persil® ProClean® Discs™ are for you! Heck, they should be for everyone. There is nothing better than throwing in a load of laundry and not having to think about detergent. Pop in one disc then come back later to dry! I like to pick mine up when I run to Walmart, but if you are one of those cool people who online shop or do online pickup definitely order from

Give these a try and if you don’t notice a difference or don’t feel like your laundry days are 100 times easier, I’ll treat you to happy hour at Sonic! Because, pregnancy craving. Otherwise let’s high five and celebrate clean clothes and sheets with a good nap!



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