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What's In My Hospital Bag...

Since I am a first time mom and have never had to pack a hospital bag before, I may have overpacked, but I was so glad to have all of your suggestions! I also read about 1,000 hospital bag checklists before I decided to make my own. 

After our preterm labor scare I really wanted to hop on getting our hospital bags packed because we had no idea when this little lady would decide to make her debut. I didn't want to be throwing all these last minute items into a bag at 3:00 am if my water broke. So I read all the lists and recommendations so I knew exactly what to bring. I tried to pack minimally, but have enough so I'll be comfortable while at the hospital. 
I will say, after spending a weekend in the hospital for preterm labor, you realize the things you wish you had! So here we are! Bags are packed and ready to go! Now we just need her to be ready to come out.

So here is everything I am taking in my hospital bag! I am also sharing what I am packing for baby girl, and a list for husband as well!

TIP: Keep a list on your phone and mark off what you've already packed. So if you end up having to grab a few things in the middle of the night you will know exactly what is missing from your bag.
Duffle bag: I am using my Fawn Design "The Weekender" bag (c/o) and it is literally the perfect size for everything I need. I also love that it has so many pockets and storage within the bag to fit all my essentials.

ID, wallet & insurance card: since this is something I use on the daily, it will be something I make sure to grab before we head out the door, but I think it is probably one of the more important items to add to your list. Especially if you aren't already pre-registered at the hospital.

Nursing friendly dress/go home outfit: I purchased 2 nursing friendly "house dresses" that are absolutely so comfortable. After giving birth I knew I wanted something that would be comfortable, nursing friendly, still fit my body, great for pictures, and comfortable to go home in. I purchased this black dress from Amazon, and this pink dress from Brickyard Buffalo

Nursing friendly pajamas/robe: a lot of people recommended to bring a robe. Since they are comfortable and are very nursing friendly. I originally purchased this robe for the hospital, but got this one at my baby shower. I also purchased these pajamas that were recommended by a friend. I know you probably only need about 2 outfits, but I wanted to bring a couple extra things if I changed my mind for pictures, or if I got something on them.

Nursing bra: all I know is I am sure I am going to be sore, so I wanted something that was supportive, comfortable, but not super tight for the first few days. So I bought a blush, and black nursing bra from Target.

Nursing pads: I know the hospital provides you with basically everything you could ever want and need when it comes to postpartum things, but I am bringing one pair of nursing pads with me, just incase.

Slippers: I bought this cute pink pair from Target because I am not a huge slipper wear-er at home. I didn't want to be walking around barefoot through the hospital, or even back and forth from the bathroom. So I got a pair of slipper so I wouldn't have to wear socks 24/7.

Flip flops: I ended up grabbing an old pair of flip flops, but you are definitely going to want to bring some sort of shoes to shower in.

Toiletries: one thing I missed while we stayed in the hospital for a couple nights during preterm labor was washing my hair. Granted it was up in a messy bun the whole time, but there is nothing like washing the day off. Since we are planning on doing photos the next day I also wanted to make sure I looked presentable. So I made sure to go grab some travel size shampoo and conditioner! As well as my favorite travel size dry shampoo and hair spray.

Here are some other toiletries/necessities I am packing as well: deodorant, my favorite face wash, my Mia 2 to wash my face, face toner, chapstick (because I've heard your lips get reallll dry), lotion, extra pair of contacts, contact case, travel sized contact solution, q tips, toothbrush, toothpaste.

Face wipes: these get their own line because I swear by these! I use these face wipes to take my makeup off every single night and I love them. I am sure after who knows how many hours of labor, I am going to be exhausted. So using these face wipes to wipe my face clean is going to feel like heaven!

Hair brush & elastics: no matter where we travel the Wet Brush will always be my favorite! I also love these Goody elastics and I always keep these on hand from Target!

Curling iron, straightener & hair dryer: If we weren't going to take pictures the next day I probably wouldn't be bringing these 3 items, but since we are, I want to do my hair. I am not sure if hospitals have hair dryers...but I am going to bring my own anyway. As well as my T3 Micro wand (I use the 1 inch wand) and straightener.

Makeup for pictures: ...or if you are wanting to freshen up. I am packing my basics in a travel sized make up bag so I can feel and look presentable for hospital photos. After that I am good with a little concealer and brows!

Phone charger with a LONG cord: since we are going to be in constant contact with family, friends, and I'm sure social media after awhile, we will need to keep our phones charged. Make sure to invest in a long cord since the outlets are sometimes inconveniently located. Plus, you have to stay charged so you can snap all the photos of your new little babe!

Plastic bag for dirty clothes: Whenever we travel I always bring some sort of bag to put my dirty clothes in so they don't get mixed with everything else in my bag. Since we are only going to be there for a couple nights I just packed a plastic grocery bag.

Own pillow: let me tell you one thing...hospital pillows are NOT comfortable. Plus, they are plastic which makes your face sweat halfway through the night, even though the pillowcase they put on it. That is one thing I desperately missed last time we were in the hospital. So I am going to bring my own pillow so I can get as much good rest as I can while we are there. I promise, it is so worth it.

Camera/camera charger: this might not make it onto everyone's list, but since we have a nice camera and lens I am wanting to bring it to take photos. (this will most likely go into Colin's bag)

Nursing cover: just in case family comes over when it is time to feed, and I feel comfortable enough to have them in the room, I can just pop this nursing cover from Copper Pearl on.
Since the hospital provides you with most everything for baby and you while you are in the hospital, I am packing pretty minimal for baby girl.

Carseat: obviously this won't be going in your hospital bag, but they won't let you leave unless you have one. We have the Uppababy Mesa carset in the color Jake. We can't wait to see baby girl in it!

2-3 outfits/pjs: I am bringing 3 outfits for baby girl. 1 outfit from Lou Lou and Company for pictures, 1 outfit from Solly Baby to go home in, and 1 outfit from Mebie Baby if I change my mind. I have heard they are in a diaper most of the time for skin to skin, so I am not planning on her being in the outfits the whole time.

2-3 swaddles: since she will mostly be in a diaper for skin to skin, I am bringing 3 swaddles and extra bows! Babies look so dang cute all wrapped up so I am bringing a couple of my favorite! I love this floral print from Mebie Baby, this other floral print from Lou Lou and Company, and this neutral one from Copper Pearl.

Socks: I packed 2-3 pairs to keep her little feet warm when she isn't in an outfit

Mittens: I am bring 2 pair from Lou Lou and Company. They have my favorite prints!

Bows: I am bring a few extra bows for when she is just in a swaddle and diaper.

Pacifier: if you are planning to use other binkys or pacifiers besides the ones they have at the hospital I would recommend bringing at least one. I am bring one Bibs pacifier, and one Ryan & Rose pacifier

Pacifier clip: I am bringing this one from Madeline's Box and this one from Ryan & Rose
1-2 extra outfits: depending on how long you stay be prepared with an extra outfit. Include a nice outfit, or something to go with your fresh 48 or any pictures you take the next couple days

Pajamas: dad's bed is not very comfortable, so make sure to bring some comfy clothes to sleep in to try and be as comfortable as you can

Own pillow: like I said, the bed dad is going to be sleeping on is not comfortable, so bringing your own pillow would be a nice touch to try to stay as comfortable as possible while in the hospital.

Toiletries: hair products, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, anything else you might need

Baseball hat: if you're dealing with second day hair or haven't had a chance to shower just yet

Zip-up jacket for skin to skin: this is a great option if you are around other people or don't want to throw a blanket over you

Extra socks & underwear: pretty self explanatory...

Computer/Ipad: you can put on a movie, tv show or something else if you have a few hours until it is time to push. It would be a great way to waste some time if mom is comfortable with an epidural. You can pop on a movie and both watch! 

Snacks for money for vending machine/cafeteria: during labor mom isn't able to eat "real" food, but I'm sure dad will be hungry. So make sure to either bring some snacks, or have money ready to go grab something to eat

HDMI cable and adapter: my husband is super techy, so he is planning on bringing these just incase he can hook up his laptop/Ipad to the tv if we want to watch a movie

Bluetooth speaker: many people recommended this!

Hydroflask/water bottle: Colin brought his own water bottle last time and it was an absolute lifesaver!  You all know I am obsessed with my Hydroflask.
I hope this listed helped you in some way and gave you a little insight as to what I am taking to the hospital! I would love to do an updated post about what I actually used and needed! 



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