March 2019 | A Pretty Penny

Our Gender Reveal...

BALLOONS: Target (pink, blue) / BALLOON TAPE: Amazon / "OH BABY" BALLOONS: Target / DONUTS: Provo Bakery / CANDY & GOODIE BAGS: Zurchers

So February 26, 2019 we went to have our gender check appointment! We were super excited and super nervous to find out what we were having. I was convinced we were having a boy, and Colin was 100% sure we were having a girl. I had had 2 dreams the week before that we were having a boy, so I thought I was right! We arrived at our doctors appointment at 3:15 pm that Tuesday and headed down to the ultrasound room. Our ultrasound tech first checked for gender, so we covered our eyes while she checked for gender. Then we got to see our baby!

I couldn't believe how much our little bean had grown in 7 weeks! Baby was flipping around and kicking through the WHOLE ultrasound appointment. It was amazing to see all that action happening in there without me being able to feel it! After we finished our ultrasound they put the results in an envelope for us to take home! Plus we got a bunch of photos of baby to take home as well. I was instantly in love with that little baby.
We preordered blue confetti cannons and pink confetti cannons from Gender Reveal so they would get there in time. Colin took both boxes to work earlier in the week with our results and had his coworkers look to see which box we would need. He came home with the box and the wait began!

We ended up having a little gender reveal party with close friends and family March 2, 2019. It was nothing fancy, but it was so fun to put together. When our guests first walked in they were able to vote if they thought we were having a boy or a girl. The majority of the votes were for a girl! It was so fun to see what people thought.
Then came the treat table. I ordered custom donuts from Provo Bakery that were pink and blue, and read "oh baby". I couldn't have loved them more! Plus, they were DELICIOUS! Probably the best donuts I've ever had, and it's safe to say I love donuts. We also had to have everything pink and blue, so pink milk, and "blue" 2% milk. 
After most of our friends and family had showed up we played a couple games. We did the old "wives tales" game, and of course I happened to find out that was donut themed. DARLING. We also played a candy bar matching game. You can see an example HERE. If you Google "baby shower candy bar matching game" you will get lots of results!
SO....after all of the refreshments and games our photographer, Andrew Johnson, came to shoot our "gender reveal". My heart started racing a million miles a minute. It was actually a miracle that we waited 4 days to find out what we were having! While we were playing games it started to snow outside!! So bless our friends and family for braving the weather!

So when the time came to grab the boxes I had one of my friends grab the box to take to our location. I was showing her where the box was and an envelope fell out the side. It was the envelope that told you how to distinguish between the blue cannons and pink cannons. I didn't know this at the time, so the only thing I saw when it fell was "boy". Everything else was covered, so I thought we were having a boy!!! What happened next was a complete shock to me:

right before we saw the confetti:
when we finally saw:
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!
And we couldn't be more excited!!
Colin spun me around and pulled me in for a kiss! It was such a special and exciting moment to share not only with Colin, but with our friends and family. It made my heart melt to see Colin get emotional because he was so happy!
We LOVE this little girl already and can't wait for her to get here!