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SURPRISE! We're Pregnant!...

SURPRISE!! We are pregnant and we are so pumped to become parents! This first trimester has been so different than I thought it was going to be! I have never had a sister or friend that I have been super close to that has been pregnant. So before we told friends and family I had NO IDEA what I was to expect! 

I am 12 weeks along and it still doesn't feel quite real! I don't really have a "baby bump" yet, just more of a slight curve. Sometimes I actually forget I'm pregnant, until I remember "oh wait, I'm STARVING!"...or suuuuper tired. 

Let me tell you how we found out we were pregnant! 


Back in September Colin and I talked about starting our family. We knew we wanted to have kids, but before that never felt like it was the right time. So we decided to start trying. I'll be honest, I think our families had almost given up on us having kids, because we have been married 5 1/2 years and kept telling them we didn't want to have kids yet. I'm also semi convinced that they thought we would never have kids haha, but here we are!

Anyway, so in September we decided to start trying to get pregnant. We had never tried before so we didn't know how long it would take. We feel very blessed and fortunate that we got pregnant in November, because I know it takes some families a long time to finally get pregnant! It did happen a lot quicker than we expected, but we were absolutely thrilled!


So the Saturday after Thanksgiving I was getting cramps and my breasts were super tender (TMI, I know...) Colin asked when I was suppose to start my period and I said this weekend. So I checked my period tracker app, and I wasn't suppose to start for another week! I was a little surprised that I was having symptoms a week early because that had never happened before, but I didn't really think anything of it. 

So I went on with the week like normal, but I started to notice I had off and on cramps the whole week, and I was extremely tried! Like I came home and took a nap everyday after work tired. I woke up Thursday November 29 with really bad cramps and it actually kept me up a few hours during the night. So I ended up calling into work. As Colin was leaving for work at 7:30 that morning, he joked "you're probably pregnant!" I rolled my eyes and brushed off his comment while I went back to sleep. I finally woke back up at 10:00!! I was absolutely SHOCKED. I haven't slept past 8:30 in YEARS. Between sleeping in and all my symptoms from the last week I started to think Colin might be right.

So when I woke up I decided to take a pregnancy test to be safe. I was use to getting a negative test, and wasn't sure when getting pregnant would happen for us, so I tried not to get my hopes up too fast. We had ordered ovulation tests from Amazon to help us track when we should be trying, and they came with 10 pregnancy tests in them. I had never used that kind, so when I took one, I saw 1 pink line, and 1 faint pink line.
My heart instantly started pounded and I was thought to myself, "no way. no way. am I pregnant???" But at the time I didn't quite believe this test, or know how reliable it is. So I decided to go to the store and get 3 boxes of pregnancy tests, all different brands. HAHA. I went a little overboard, but really wanted to make sure if I was pregnant. 

I came home and took the first test, and 2 dark pink lines popped up right away!! THIS CAN'T BE REAL! So obviously I took the other 2 to be I have always wanted to use the pregnancy test that says "pregnant" on it. So I had to do that one too, anyone else?? haha

THEY WERE ALL POSITIVE! That is when the tears started. I was just so excited and almost couldn't believe it! I was going to be a mom, and Colin was going to be a dad! The BEST dad. After the tears stopped I instantly started thinking of ways I could tell Colin we were pregnant!
I ended up going to Target and buying a tiny little onesie that said "my first Christmas" and a card that had a diaper on the front. It also said "shit happens." HILARIOUS. I got home, wrote all about how excited I was and stuffed it all + my pregnancy tests in a bag so he could open it when he got home from work. Crappy part: Colin didn't get off work till 9:30 that night, so it meant I wouldn't see him till around 10:00 pm. It was that day that I realized I had a lot of patience.

I ended up downloading all pregnancy apps I could get my hands on, and reading every pregnant thing I could! Because I literally had no idea what to expect. I calculated my due date and it said my due date was August 11, 2019, and I was 4 weeks along! I couldn't believe that baby was only the size of a chia seed, but could make me so tired! (darn hormones.)

So after a long day, Colin got home and I said I had a surprise for him since he had been working so hard lately. He opened it up and immediately said, "NO! NO" I told him to look in the bag and he said, "Are you for real??" Then we smooched a little because we were so dang excited.
*this is our security camera in our kitchen, so the audio is funky, but I just like having the video to remember the moment!

It was such a special moment and I was so excited to finally share that with him! We didn't tell our families until Christmas, and I can honestly say I loved the time when it was just Colin and I that knew. We are so excited and thrilled that we have a little babe on the way! I hope they look just like Colin! 

Next I'll share how we told our families and all my first trimester must haves!



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