January 2019 | A Pretty Penny

Think Pink This Valentine's Day...

SWEATER: Aerie / PANTS: Old Navy / SHOES: Target (similar here) / EARRINGS: Sugarfix by BaubleBar / BAG: Gucci

February is Friday and I can already feel the love in the air! I am already starting to see in all shades of pink and craving all the cinnamon heart candies. I always love holiday! Really any reason to celebrate...I have already started to bring out ALLL the pink, read, and everything covered in hearts, as well as brain storm some stellar Valentine's Day gifts for my main squeeze! 'Tis the season!

I found this super sweet ombre sweater from Aerie and it is the perfect way to kick off the Valentine's season! PLUS, it is on sale for $35! So make sure to snag one! I am wearing the large in these photos. The medium fit perfectly, but I figured I wanted it to be a little roomy for my growing baby bump!

I have been obsessed with planning my outfits and creating all the dreamy color palettes for this February! So I scoured the internet for all of the Valentine's "must haves", so you didn't have to! This year I am going to snag myself these sunnies, this top, this dress, these earrings, and maybe a few other things. My wishlist seems to always be never ending! Anyone else find themselves adding to it, without getting things from it?

I hope your Valentine's Day shopping is as sweet as conversations hearts! Be on the look out for my Valentine's Day gift guides coming soon as well!!



SURPRISE! We're Pregnant!...

SURPRISE!! We are pregnant and we are so pumped to become parents! This first trimester has been so different than I thought it was going to be! I have never had a sister or friend that I have been super close to that has been pregnant. So before we told friends and family I had NO IDEA what I was to expect! 

I am 12 weeks along and it still doesn't feel quite real! I don't really have a "baby bump" yet, just more of a slight curve. Sometimes I actually forget I'm pregnant, until I remember "oh wait, I'm STARVING!"...or suuuuper tired. 

Let me tell you how we found out we were pregnant! 


Back in September Colin and I talked about starting our family. We knew we wanted to have kids, but before that never felt like it was the right time. So we decided to start trying. I'll be honest, I think our families had almost given up on us having kids, because we have been married 5 1/2 years and kept telling them we didn't want to have kids yet. I'm also semi convinced that they thought we would never have kids haha, but here we are!

Anyway, so in September we decided to start trying to get pregnant. We had never tried before so we didn't know how long it would take. We feel very blessed and fortunate that we got pregnant in November, because I know it takes some families a long time to finally get pregnant! It did happen a lot quicker than we expected, but we were absolutely thrilled!


So the Saturday after Thanksgiving I was getting cramps and my breasts were super tender (TMI, I know...) Colin asked when I was suppose to start my period and I said this weekend. So I checked my period tracker app, and I wasn't suppose to start for another week! I was a little surprised that I was having symptoms a week early because that had never happened before, but I didn't really think anything of it. 

So I went on with the week like normal, but I started to notice I had off and on cramps the whole week, and I was extremely tried! Like I came home and took a nap everyday after work tired. I woke up Thursday November 29 with really bad cramps and it actually kept me up a few hours during the night. So I ended up calling into work. As Colin was leaving for work at 7:30 that morning, he joked "you're probably pregnant!" I rolled my eyes and brushed off his comment while I went back to sleep. I finally woke back up at 10:00!! I was absolutely SHOCKED. I haven't slept past 8:30 in YEARS. Between sleeping in and all my symptoms from the last week I started to think Colin might be right.

So when I woke up I decided to take a pregnancy test to be safe. I was use to getting a negative test, and wasn't sure when getting pregnant would happen for us, so I tried not to get my hopes up too fast. We had ordered ovulation tests from Amazon to help us track when we should be trying, and they came with 10 pregnancy tests in them. I had never used that kind, so when I took one, I saw 1 pink line, and 1 faint pink line.
My heart instantly started pounded and I was thought to myself, "no way. no way. am I pregnant???" But at the time I didn't quite believe this test, or know how reliable it is. So I decided to go to the store and get 3 boxes of pregnancy tests, all different brands. HAHA. I went a little overboard, but really wanted to make sure if I was pregnant. 

I came home and took the first test, and 2 dark pink lines popped up right away!! THIS CAN'T BE REAL! So obviously I took the other 2 to be safe...plus I have always wanted to use the pregnancy test that says "pregnant" on it. So I had to do that one too, anyone else?? haha

THEY WERE ALL POSITIVE! That is when the tears started. I was just so excited and almost couldn't believe it! I was going to be a mom, and Colin was going to be a dad! The BEST dad. After the tears stopped I instantly started thinking of ways I could tell Colin we were pregnant!
I ended up going to Target and buying a tiny little onesie that said "my first Christmas" and a card that had a diaper on the front. It also said "shit happens." HILARIOUS. I got home, wrote all about how excited I was and stuffed it all + my pregnancy tests in a bag so he could open it when he got home from work. Crappy part: Colin didn't get off work till 9:30 that night, so it meant I wouldn't see him till around 10:00 pm. It was that day that I realized I had a lot of patience.

I ended up downloading all pregnancy apps I could get my hands on, and reading every pregnant thing I could! Because I literally had no idea what to expect. I calculated my due date and it said my due date was August 11, 2019, and I was 4 weeks along! I couldn't believe that baby was only the size of a chia seed, but could make me so tired! (darn hormones.)

So after a long day, Colin got home and I said I had a surprise for him since he had been working so hard lately. He opened it up and immediately said, "NO! NO" I told him to look in the bag and he said, "Are you for real??" Then we smooched a little because we were so dang excited.
*this is our security camera in our kitchen, so the audio is funky, but I just like having the video to remember the moment!

It was such a special moment and I was so excited to finally share that with him! We didn't tell our families until Christmas, and I can honestly say I loved the time when it was just Colin and I that knew. We are so excited and thrilled that we have a little babe on the way! I hope they look just like Colin! 

Next I'll share how we told our families and all my first trimester must haves!



I Got Hacked!: How You Can Prevent Your Instagram From Getting Hacked...

I am BACK!! And what a way to come back than to start the year off by sharing my story of how my Instagram got hacked back in November. The end of November and the whole month of December were such crazy months! I got hacked a few days before Thanksgiving, and then I was super sick with the worst cold, for two weeks straight, right before Christmas. So I had no energy to do anything for awhile! I am back with a renewed energy and am so excited to start posting again! 

Let me begin by telling you how I got hacked. At the time I was seeing my Instagram friends getting hacked left and right. It was happening so often that I almost always saw at least one person getting hacked a week. It is so sad to me that this is happening so often! Luckily I feel like it has died down since November, but it is so important to take the right precautions, because you never think it's going to happen to you.

One Sunday afternoon I was catching up on a bunch of blog emails, when I came across this email:
I thought it was a little funny, but I get a ton of emails very similar to this one all the time. I should have known right away because who sends you an email with the title "Instagram Cooperation"? So I responded with my rates and then clicked on the link. It directed me to Instagram and I SIGNED IN. Looking back I can't believe I did that, but at the time I wasn't thinking that someone was actively trying to hack me. This is how they gained access to my account and information. 

TIP: If you click on any sort of link through an email and it requires you to sign in to any social media platform, DON'T DO IT. 

I finished answering the rest of my emails, finished my day and went to sleep! I woke up the next morning and started to get ready for the day. I was looking through my emails and my heart sank when I saw the following emails:

I was SHOCKED, and hurt, and I had no idea what to do. I went to my Instagram app and was logged out. I couldn't log in and I couldn't even find my account when I searched for it. This is when I started to feel a sense of panic. I immediately told Colin and we tried searching every corner of the internet for information, tips and ways to contact Instagram. Colin went onto his Instagram and tried looking up my account. It popped up but this was all that could be found. After a few hours, it was completely gone.
I never responded to the hackers emails because all they wanted was money. They asked for payment in exchange for my account. I have heard from other bloggers that have paid, that they never got their account back, even after paying. So I just didn't want to deal with that.

Let me be 100% transparent with you. Instagram has the WORST customer service I have ever seen. I emailed them a million times, sent multiple requests through the app, and it finally took reaching out to Instagram through Facebook that I finally got a response. They said they needed some information from me to start the recovery process.
After a few back and forth emails they told me that there was nothing they could do.
At this point I was super frustrated and felt defeated. It was devastating to know that after 3-4 years of all this hard work it was essentially gone! I decided to post onto Facebook and my "shoptheprettypenny" instagram to ask for help. It was through the power of social media that another blogger had gone through the exact same thing and referred me to Juan. He specializes in account security and account recovery. I was a little hesitant to reach out, but figured I didn't have anything else to loose at this point. 

He was super nice and very helpful! He helped calmed me down and seriously worked so hard to get my account back. He told me not to worry about what Instagram had said and he would still be able to get my account back. He totally knew exactly how to contact Instagram and what to say to get my account back. 

He had me go to the login page and select trouble logging in. You are suppose to enter the username of the account that was hacked, press "need more help", then it reroutes you to another page to give more information.
He gave me specific instructions on how to respond. I don't know if Instagram only works with certain responses, but it worked! 

Here is the timeline: I got hacked on Monday, November 19th and contacted Juan the same day, after Instagram said they couldn't help. My account was hacked for 4 days before I finally got it back. During those 4 days I had to send photos of myself with a specific code written on a piece of paper to prove my identity to Instagram. 

Finally 4 days later, Thanksgiving morning, I woke up to an email from instagram saying "we've almost recovered your account. We just need you to reset your password."

I was absolutely ecstatic!!! I honestly felt like it was a Thanksgiving miracle. I reset my password and was able to login. The account username was changed since my old account and username was deleted. Since "theprettypennygirl" was deleted I had to change my username to something else. Luckily I changed it to something almost identical, "aprettypennygirl". 

After I got my account back, I immediately did something I should have done the moment I set up Instagram: set up 2 factor authentication! 

To prevent your instagram from getting hacked, here are my tips:

1. Set up 2 factor authentication, and always keep in on. That way if someone is trying to login to your account they have to have a 6 digit code that is texted to you, to be able to login.

2. If you get any suspicious emails that take you to Instagram or anywhere else that requires you to login using your information, DON'T DO IT. 

3. If you do get hacked, I would either try following these steps, or reach out on all social media platforms for help! Or contact Juan, because he was seriously a lifesaver.

I would also be happy to answer any questions people have getting hacked! You can either message me on Instagram or send me an email with questions: theprettypennygirl@gmail.com.