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My First rewardStyle Event...

TOP: Bohme / PANTS: ASOS / SHOES: Old, similar here / BAG: Gucci / EARRINGS: SugarFix by BaubleBar (black sold out, similar here) / LIPS: Birthday Suit by Tarte

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend my first rewardStyle event with the team! When I first got the invite I really thought they might have sent the invite to me by mistake, because I know how exclusive their events are. The day before the event I met with Jenna, who is a part of the team, she gave me a lot of pointers on my blog, as well as told me they are trying to include lots of bloggers with their city tour.

I know how over the top the rewardStyle events are so I couldn't wait to attend! The day of the event there was a huge thunderstorm, so we had to wait until the storm calmed down to head over to where the event was being held. They hosted the SLC City Tour at Log Haven up the Millcreek Canyon, and it was absolutely beautiful!

I got there about a half hour late due to weather, but there were a lot of gal pals that I knew. One thing I love about events like this are the fact that I get to see my blogger friends, as well as make new ones!

If you are a newer blogger, one piece of advice I would give to you when going to events like this are to talk to at least 5 new people. I get so nervous when I go to these things because I don't know who I am going to know when I get there, and usually there are some big bloggers there! If you are nervous I'll let you in on a little secret: we all are! Talking to other bloggers, we are all nervous to initially be there. It is intimidating and usually out of our comfort zones. Once you start to introduce yourself to new people your circle will start to expand and you will recognize new people with every event you go to!
Once the storm passed they were able to bring out all the decorations again and we were able to head on over to the main event. Since the weather put a damper on things I think we didn't get to do some of the things they had planned, so we mostly mingled for the remainder of the time we were there.

The theme for the SLC City Tour was "glamping", which was perfect since it took place in the mountains. They had this cute yurt set up with a gorgeous floral arrangements covering it! As well as the perfect seating area, which is every fashion bloggers dream. It was right next to a cabin and a lake. It looked straight out of a movie.
There were lots of photo ops and fake laughing, but we were eating it up! I just have to say that I am so thankful for all the girls at this event. They are all so amazing and incredibly nice! I really have such an amazing group of blogger friends.

Also, how cute are these Coke bottles? The team did a phenomenal job, down to the last detail! 
After we mingled for awhile, they had a cute "craft" for us to do. They all know us so well, because there isn't a fashion blogger out there that could pass up a straw bag. There was a beautiful set up with a bag for each of us. We had the opportunity to "embroider" our own bag using the string and scissors they provided for us. They had the cutest examples including this "" bag, which I couldn't get enough of!

It was such a fun event filled with amazing women who are all so positive! I absolutely loved being with the rewardStyle team and I can't wait to hopefully attend more in the future!




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