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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me...

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Even though I blog and post on instagram regularly, there are many things that don't get published or shared. I guess I am not a natural at oversharing information. Luckily I don't have to tell you every nitty gritty detail in order to connect with most of my followers. I feel like the way you write and portray yourself also gives your friends and followers insight to who you are. Since we are getting personal here, I wanted to share a few things you might have not known about me!
1. I went to college initially because I wanted to be am Elementary School teacher. I even attended Special Education classes because I considered becoming a Special Education teacher as well. After my second year of college I realized that wasn't what I wanted to do and switched gears for my third year. My husband and I moved out of state for a summer and I haven't gone back to college, because I can't decide what I want to do! So here we are!

2. My husband and I met on Tinder. What?? I was in my second year of college and it was right when Tinder came out. My friend introduced me to it. We initially used it as a joke because there were a lot of weirdos on there. We would screenshot the best ones and send them to each other. Funny that I ended up with a husband from it! (he was definitely NOT one of the weirdos.)

3. I bet you would never guess what kind of music I listen to, unless you already know me. Although I do like a wide range of music, whenever people find out my favorite bands they get very surprised. You can listen to a taste of my music here. It would probably be what most of the world considers "screamo." So ask me about this crazy musical choice and we can talk about it!

4. I play the piano! I took lessons for 13 years before I moved out and went to college. It is something I am really passionate about, even though I don't get to play as often. It's the worst when I sit down and realize that I'm a little rusty. If we had room, we would already have a piano! So when we move into a bigger home that will definitely be one of my first purchases.

5. You probably all know that I am tv-aholic/movie-aholic. Colin always jokes that I took state in watching Netflix. I love most genre's, but you may not know that I LOVE scary movies! I always have loved scary movies and about watched every single one that came out in high school and college. When I was dating I had to make sure I watched a scary movie with a guy, because if we were going to get married, he had to watch all the scary movies with me. I definitely lucked out. 




  1. My best friend introduced me to Tinder as well and we do the same thing! We screenshot people and send them to one another as well. Also, love your skirt!