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Summer Florals With London Times...

I am so excited to share two looks with you today! I got both dresses from London Times. They are both the Lala Fit & Flare dress, just different floral patterns and colors. They were my favorite and I had to have one in each color! I wanted to work together with London Times to share how you can style them for any summer event.

This black floral dress I wore to a family BBQ on a Sunday! I got so many compliments on this dress! I loved it for summer because the black floral pattern reminds me of something very tropical. It has such bright colors! I paired it with my favorite straw hat, tan heels and this bamboo bag (which is a must for summer months.) Everyone needs a great floral dress for summer and I am convinced this Lala Fit & Flare dress is a staple!

This second outfit I wore to the movies for our weekly date night! I feel like this outfit is exactly what I would wear most summer days, because I live in dresses! A nice summer dress, sandals (especially these from Target), a crossbody bag, and a jean jacket at night is essentially my whole summer wardrobe in a nutshell.

I love that I can wear this Lala Fit & Flare dress casually, but it still elevates the look with the pattern. I really am in love with this lighter print. I am wearing a size 6 in both dresses and it really is such a flattering dress. I love that it is light and a little above the knee, which makes it perfect for hot summer days!
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The Lavender Fields: Mona, UT...

DRESS: Rachel Parcell Everyday Collection / HAT: Brixton / SHOES: Target / BAG: Poshmark (similar here) / LOCATION: Young Living Lavender Farm, Mona, UT

We went on another adventure this weekend to a really lovely place in Utah! These lavender fields are located in Mona, UT. It's real name is the Young Living Lavender Farm and it is really quite gorgeous!

Colin and I pass this every time we drive down to visit his parents, and every single time we have passed it I tell him, "one day I want to stop and take pictures there." So this past weekend we made that dream come true! Our good friends Kayla and Taz are moving back to their home in Florida at the end of the summer. So we have made it a point to do something fun every weekend with them! We decided to all load up and drive down to see the lavender fields during sunset. It was beautiful to see the sun sinking behind the mountains. Maybe one day we will even make it to the lavender farms in France for a sunset! A girl can dream!

I really wish all of these pictures from the lavender fields were scratch and sniff, but it honestly smelt divine! I wanted to bottle that smell up and take it home with us! Colin kept joking that being there we were all just going to end up falling asleep because the smell of lavender is so relaxing. He wasn't wrong! 

While planning to go to see the fields, I wanted to wear something light and something that would compliment the lavender fields, but not take away from the scenery. I settled on this "cotton candy" dress from the Rachel Parcell Everyday Collection. It is such a light summer dress that isn't too busy, and of course I had to throw on my all-time favorite straw Brixton hat! Because is a trip to the lavender fields complete without a straw hat? I bought this Brixton hat at Nordstrom this past spring and it has become a staple in my closet! (I am wearing a xs for reference.)

When I am picking an outfit to wear for pictures like this, I like to pick a more neutral color palette. Especially if I want the focus to be on the background. One of my really good photographer friends told me that when you are choosing outfits for pictures with a spouse, or for something with a busy background, neutrals are the way to go! So I have always stuck with that. (unless I am wanting to match what I am wearing to the background.) So there is just a small tip if you are planning pictures sometime in the near future!

I don't think these photos do justice to how pretty these lavender fields really were, but I hope you enjoy them none-the-less! *closes eyes and tries to pretend to smell the lavender*

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The Summer's Perfect Slip-on Shoes...

During the hot summer months in Utah I tend to grab time and time again: slip on's, sandals, and shoes that can breathe! Luckily these black Vina slip on's from Restricted Shoes check 2 out of those 3 categories! They also come in rose gold and are gorgeous!!

These slip on's are under $50 and have been the perfect shoe for running errands, going to the movies, and taking a walk around the neighborhood with my husband. They are extremely comfortable! I love that they easily stay on my feet and they don't rub in any certain areas. I hate having to break shoes in. I end up with about a thousand blisters. I have found with these I haven't had to break them in at all! They are made out of a very light material that breathes very easily. I have taken them with me just about everywhere this past week!

I love that Restricted Shoes makes beautiful fun shoes to wear for every woman! I especially love these embroidered flats and they are next on my list! How dreamy!

Since I love to share a good find, I am SO excited to share a coupon code with you all! Restricted Shoes has so many shoes to pick from that I am sure you will have a hard time narrowing it down! Luckily there is something for everyone! 

Use the code: THEPRETTYPENNYGIRL25 for 25% off all regular priced styles!!
Happy Shopping!
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Mystic Hot Springs...

Last week around the 4th of July we got to go visit Mystic Hot Springs! Which are located in Monroe, Utah. I have seen lots of pictures on Pinterest, as well as Instagram of the famous "bathtub hot springs." It wasn't until my friend Kayla started talking about them, that we realized it was only going to be 10 minutes from where we were headed for the 4th of July! So we decided to make a stop at the hot springs on our way! (so thanks Kayla!)

Let me tell you everything you need to know about these Pinterest-worthy hot springs! Make sure to buy passes before hand online (soaking tickets are $15 per adult and $7.50 per child -- valid for 6 hours after check-in), bring your own towel, drink lots of water, and make sure you bring shoes/sandals that you are okay with getting wet and even a little muddy. There are bathrooms where you can change into your swimsuit as well, so don't worry about having to change before getting there.

Mystic Hot Springs also offers lodging if you are wanting to stay super close to the hot springs. You can stay in these vintage buses, or their cabins which are both located on-site. Let me tell you something that might surprise you before you get there. If I had to describe this place in one word it would be hippie/boho. All of the decor and vibe is hippie. Which adds to the fun atmosphere of the hot springs, but I will say I wasn't expecting that when we walked in. You can take a look inside all of the buses here and get more info on stays there!
There are a variety of different pools and tubs located at the Mystic Hot Springs you can enjoy. They have a shallow pool, a deeper pool, as well as 5 bath tubs to soak in. The bath tubs were my absolute favorite part, because they are integrated into the rock which makes them look so unique! There is also a range of temperatures throughout the different pools and tubs; so I would recommend dipping your hand or toe in before taking the plunge. It is really like taking a nice relaxing bath out in this beautiful area! Honestly, you could have given me a book and I would have soaked for hours!

The hot springs are built into the hill side and look almost like they just popped up over night! Like they were just there all along! If you are planning on getting in and out of the tubs to try a few (which I recommend doing), make sure to bring shoes/sandals you're okay with getting wet, and maybe even a little muddy.

Since we did go at the beginning of July, I was expecting the hot summer weather! (Try 90 degrees)...So once the sun started to go down it felt really nice! We showed up around 7:00pm to check in and it was HOT. The lady at the front desk was very nice and made it such a pleasant experience! She explained where everything was and what to expect. 

It was very warm that day and I was nervous about getting in the HOT SPRINGS with it being so hot. So instead of heading to the hot springs right away, we got changed and decided to explore the area a little bit. We made sure to check out all the buses you can lodge in, which were actually super cute! They even have couches, furniture and lights on the inside to make them cozy.

We finally decided to get in the hot springs at around 8:30pm when the temperature started to go down. The bathtubs are surrounded in this beautiful red rock! So as the sun was setting it really looked like the rocks were on fire! You can see some of the stunning images below.

I was a little surprised that we didn't see more people. When we arrived at 7:00pm we were the only people there besides one local guy for at least an hour and a half! A few more people showed up at 9:00, but not nearly as many as I had thought! It was a very relaxing oasis in the middle of the desert. I would love to go back when it gets colder, or even snows! I have seen so many beautiful photos of these hot springs with snow on the ground! Plus, imagine how amazing that would feel during cold weather. *sigh*

It was such a fun experience and I love discovering new places like this! I feel like it is so important to explore places that are in your own backyard. I can't wait to share more beautiful places that are in Utah! Colin and I are having so much fun this year rediscovering Utah. I hope if you ever get the chance to be in the Southern Utah area, that you get to visit these unique hot springs and have fun!