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Lava Hot Springs & How To Love Yourself In A Swimsuit...

TOP: Kortni Jeane / BOTOMS: Kortni Jeane / SUNGLASSES: ASOS

This past weekend we took a little weekend trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. It was nice to get away from this fickle Utah weather and sit in giant hot tubs all weekend...even though the snow seemed to follow us to Idaho. There isn't a whole lot to do in the little town of Lava Hot Springs besides spend time at the springs. But there is a little ice cream shop called "Sweet Stuff" that has the most delicious Huckleberry ice cream. They serve all their ice cream in cubes, which is a fun touch! 

I wanted to talk about swimsuits and the insecurities that come with wearing a swimsuit. Since it was what I lived in for most of the weekend, I wanted to share my favorite suit as well. This top and bottom is from Kortni Jeane. I have many suits from Kortni Jeane and I love that they make suits for all body types. They are constantly coming out with new prints and designs which are always full of color and fun!

The most important thing I love about Kortni Jeane swimmers is that I feel confident when I wear them. They are comfortable and flattering on all body types. They are so unique and there is something for everyone.

There was definitely a time when I HATED wearing a swim suit. I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone a swimsuit that shows off my body. It has taken a long time for me to love myself and my body. Sometimes it feels like a constant battle with myself, but it is something I choose to keep working at. Our world has a way of twisting our idea of body image that makes it hard to love the one we were given.

Of course there is always something I would love to improve about myself, but I am happy about my body right now. I am healthy, happy and strong. My body is able to run miles, lift heavy things, and enjoy daily exercise. The moment I starting loving myself the world opened up with millions of possibilities.

I know loving yourself is mostly a mental game, but start by saying one good thing about yourself a day. Think happy thoughts about yourself. Don't compare what you have to someone else. Because the moment you start, you are setting yourself up for failure. No two people will ever be the same, and remember, there is always someone out there wishing they had what you have. 

I am not a size 0, have never been a size 0. I am pretty average, a have curvier thighs, but I am happy and I love my body. I choose to take care of my body and myself. Everyone is unique and I feel like everyone should celebrate themselves. This is the only body I will ever be given, so instead of filling it with garbage and treating it like garbage, I work hard to take care of it and show it love! Self love is a difficult thing to come to terms with. I feel like loving others comes a lot easier than loving ourselves. Why is that? We know ourselves better than anyone else, our bodies have been through everything with us, and yet we still end up shaming ourselves; or wishing we were different.

So when it comes time this summer to put on a suit, rock it! Think of all the amazing things your body has done for you! No one and nothing should make you miss out or feel insecure. I love the saying, "How to have a bikini body: 1. Have a body, 2. Put a bikini on it." I'm not saying you have to wear a bikini, but wear a suit you feel comfortable with. I love wearing Kortni Jeane swimmers because they make me feel confident and comfortable. All while being so bright!

Remember to love yourself and your body. Start with one good thought about yourself today and watch it snowball. I promise if you start your self love journey today, one day you are going to look back and wonder why you never started sooner! It is something you have to constantly work at, but you will thank yourself.





  1. Thanks Sara! That topic is so important! You are so right! On the flip side being a mom of two adorable kids that I truly am so grateful to be their mom! My body has changed and looking forward to warm weather but not feeling as comfortable and and confident in a swim suit as I would like. Feeling better after reading what you shared!

    1. Thank YOU so much Hehley! You are the absolute sweetest. You are the best mom and you will absolutely rock it this summer!

  2. This sounds like such a relaxing time! I want to go to a hot spring! I love your bathing suit too! The color is so vibrant and fun! :)

    xo, Chloe //

    1. It was SO nice and very relaxing. Sometimes its nice to just get away.

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