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How To Set Realistic Fitness Goals For Yourself & Stick To Them...

LEGGINGS: Iron Lily / TANK: Nike / JACKET: Costco (similar here) / SHOES: Nike Sock Dart / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker / WATER BOTTLE: Hydroflask

Since I have been doing BBG I have received a lot of fitness questions. And since I am not quite finished with BBG I will do a complete blog post going over my BBG experience, transformation, and answer everyones questions. {so if you do have any questions regarding BBG please leave me a comment, send me an email, or DM me and I will answer them in that blog post.}

Today I wanted to go over my fitness goals and how I stick to them. I knew starting the new year that I really wanted to work on my health and fitness in 2018, but I wanted it to stick with it and figure out what worked for me. I feel like every year in the past I have created fitness goals for myself, but never achieved them. They lasted for about 2 weeks and then slowly faded away. I hated that. So when January 1st came along I didn't set any goals for myself. Instead I waited a few weeks, ate healthier, worked out, and really thought about what goals I wanted to achieve this year.

So towards the end of January, Colin and I sat down and wrote our fitness/health goals together. In years past I knew what goals I wanted to achieve, but I never wrote down how I was going to get there. 

The 3 most important things you can do to achieve your fitness/health goals are:
1. Create realistic fitness goals for yourself
2. Write down your goals & put them where you can see them
3. Write step by step how you are going to achieve these goals; be specific

I am no fitness guru, but let me tell you why I think this, and why it works for me!
1. Create realistic fitness goals for yourself
This is probably the MOST important thing when starting a fitness journey. If you don't start with realistic goals you are automatically going to set yourself up for failure. You can't say, "I want to lose 30 pound in 1 month." Figure out what you want your end goal to be, and figure out how long it is realistically going to take you, then commit...Or, "I am going to work out for 1 hour every morning at 5:00." I am not a morning person and I know that I could never wake up at 5:00 am to do a workout. I like BBG because it is 28 minutes everyday {more if I want}, and most of the workouts are from home. If you are working full time it might also be hard to find long periods of time to head to the gym. So again, find what works for you and your schedule.

2. Write down your goals & put them where you can see them
If I don't put my goals where I can see them, then automatically they are out of sight, out of mind. I wanted to physically write them down because 1) it helps me remember, and 2) I feel more committed; like I am signing an agreement. If typing them up and printing them out works for you, do that! But make sure you can see them everyday, or set reminders on your phone. We have ours hanging on the fridge and I see them every morning.

3. Write step by step how you are going to achieve these goals; be specific.
I knew that if I didn't have a plan to get where I wanted, I would never get there. It is like trying to find a buried treasure without a map. Creating all those baby steps and guide lines help me stay on track. Being specific in your goals is very important. If you are vague then it is easier to sway from your goals.
Let me share all my health/fitness goals for this year:
  • Finish all 12 weeks of BBG; be consistent about it
    • I have never been super consistent with working out. In college I really got into running to blow off steam & stress, but I never really went to the gym or had workout plans. This year I wanted to start a workout plan and stick to it. I had attempted BBG in the past and knew I really wanted to finish ALL 12 weeks of it. Now that I am half way through I can't wait to go beyond the 12 weeks! I actually look forward to working out now.
  • Become fit, not skinny {mindset}
    • Ever since I was younger being "skinny" was the goal. It was what everyone sought after. Now, I would rather be fit than super skinny. Because being healthy and fit is more important to be. The importance of the number on the scale was always drilled into me. That number meant more than what you looked like and how you felt. So I made it a goal to have a healthier mindset and be kinder to my body this year.
  • Go to bed by 10 every night
    • Even though I haven't been super consistent with this goal, I have been close! I am usually in bed by 10:30 every week night and sometimes later on weekends. Sleep is important to me and I know going to bed early and getting a good nights rest sets me up for success the next day.
  • Drink LOTS of water
    • I have never been a soda drinker, or lemonade drinker. I like water, but knew I wanted to start drinking a lot more water this year. I use the app "WaterMinder" to track how much water I drink a day. I usually drink 60oz or more. I usually try to drink water before my meals, when I workout, and I usually drink water before I have snacks during the day. Sometimes when you feel hungry your body is actually thirsty. So I drink water before I eat any snacks. {but I don't limit myself}
  • More veggies & fruits; less carbs
    • I use to always reach for chips, popcorn, carb based snacks before fruits and veggies. So I have started to add more fruits and veggies to my daily diet. I love eating fruits and veggies because I can eat MORE! I love that the equivalent of 100 calories of fruits/veggies is way more than 100 calories of chips. You can eat a ton more and become full. It helps you not over eat.
  • NO SUGAR (during week)
    • I'll be honest. I love sugar. I love treats. I love cookies. As I'm sure most people do. I did Whole 30 a couple years ago and there was no sugar for 30 days. It was really hard, but it was amazing how fruit tasted sweeter and better. I usually allow myself to have a treat or 2 on the weekends and eat really clean during the week. I like to live a little. If I don't give myself a little wiggle room it drives me insane and I can't stick to my goals. (even though my eating habits haven't been the best lately, I usually eat pretty clean.)
  • Limit dairies & carbs
    • Milk and some dairy makes my stomach stick occasionally. So I try to limit my dairy and carb intake and eat more fruits and veggies. I love to base my meals and eating off of Whole 30. It was my favorite style of eating and it still felt like I had a ton of freedom with it.
  • Prep healthy snacks in advance
    • Usually after we go grocery shopping I try to either prep snacks that day or the day after. I cut up all the fruits and veggies so they are readily available. It makes it easier to grab healthier snacks. I like to make my own trail mix and protein balls as well. {I'll share those recipes if you would like!}
  • Lose It! app
    • I wanted to track every thing I ate so I could keep on track with my goals. Most of my eating is based on calories. So I like to track everything I eat so I know that I am meeting my calorie goals.
  • Smoothie or eggs & veggies every morning
    • Every morning after my workout I usually take myself a green smoothie and eggs. I usually have 1-2 eggs and 1-2 egg whites. It is a protein packed breakfast with fruits and vegetables. I have a hard time eating breakfast, so eggs and smoothies are perfect for me.
  • Portion control! Know how much you need
    • I am really good at over eating, so using the Lose It! app was perfect for keeping track of my portions.
  • Yoga & running
    • Along with BBG workouts there is cardio involved. I also wanted to incorporate yoga. So I usually go for a run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I have started doing hot yoga which I LOVE! I try to go 1-2 times a week and it is amazing how good I feel after. It is hard, but I love knowing that I pushed myself to finish. {plus you burn around 500 calories every time!}

Colin and I also wrote down goals that we wanted to do together. 
  • No eating out, only on weekends (1-2xs a week)
    • We wanted to really limit how much we ate out and try and really eat meals from home that were clean and healthy. So we usually go out on Fridays or Saturdays for date night. It has helped us be healthier as well as save money.
  • Substitute "treats" for healthier options: Jamba Juice, Harmons {salads}, Halo Top
    • We love getting treats together. So we wanted to substitute those "treats" for healthier options. Such as: green smoothies at Jamba, or getting salads from the Harmons salad bar and if we really wanted a treat get Halo Top. I love that Halo Top is delicious ice cream that is super low in calories! 
  • Plan meals & dates
    • I have never been big on planning meals, but since we have been eating healthier I have tried to plan better meals. With Colin's work schedule he usually gets home later. So I try to make enough for me as well as lunches for both of us the next day or two.
  • Support each other, don't tempt each other
    • It is hard {for me at least} to stick to eating healthy and goals when you are going it alone. So we really wanted to support eat other and help each other achieve our goals. 
  • Make grocery list & plan!!
    • Every week I write a grocery list of all our usual healthy foods for our Costco run. It helps use plan out meals and not over spend at Costco, which is really easy to do.
  • Make lunches in advance
    • To help us keep our healthy eating on track we always make lunches in advance. Usually the night before. Or if we have left overs they usually last for a few days. It makes it so easy!
  • Pinterest board
    • I love Pinterest and always have! It gives me so many good ideas for not only fashion, but healthy meals. So we have created a joint Pinterest board so we can both pin healthy meals we want to try.

I hope seeing our goals has helped give you ideas or helped with your fitness journey. It is all about finding what works for you! The hardest thing for me was creating the mindset that I wanted to be healthy instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale. Once you get passed that I feel like it becomes a lot easier for you to achieve your goals!

I can't wait to share more of my fitness journey with you!



The Beginning Of My Home Office...

Happy Wednesday!
I am so thrilled to share a little project I have been working one since January. It has taken a little longer than I expected, and I have a few more things I would like to add to this space, but here is the beginning of my little home office.

Back in January I cut back at my dental office and have only been working a couple days a week. I have been focusing more on what I need, as well as lots of blog projects! Once I started working on my blog more during the week, it was obvious I needed a dedicated space to work. We had a spare bedroom we weren't using and figured it would be the perfect place to make my dream office come to life. 

I quickly started pinning lots of office ideas and came across this gold leather chair from Meelano. This chair was the star for all my office inspiration. I knew I had to have it for my office! It looks even better in person and it very comfortable! Comfort is a huge thing, especially since I spend lots of time editing photos and writing blog posts in this chair.

I also knew I wanted a white desk that had some accents of gold. I originally set my sights on this gorgeous desk from Rachel George, but it is a little out of my price range at the moment. So I decided to take a desk I liked and make it my own. This Alex Desk from Ikea is very affordable ($129), and it exactly what I was wanting. I bought a couple cans of gold spray paint, and sprayed the legs of the desk before I screwed them on. It turned out perfectly and made the desk look high end!

The hardest part was picking a rug! I am very picky when it comes to decor, and I seem to change my mind a lot. So picking rugs are the hardest part. I knew I wanted something more on the neutral side so I could add pops of color. I have bought all my rugs in my home from RugsUSA. I saw this grey rug and it seemed to click! I love how it ties the room together.

I have plans to add shelves, a printer, art work and maybe a bench. All those things will come in time! I can't wait to update you on my office. I love working in a creative space that represents me. It is a space that is beautiful and gives me lots of inspiration.

I have linked all of the products/items from my office below. Reach out if you have any questions!

DESK: Ikea // Used gold spray paint for the legs
CHAIR: Meelano

VASE: Home Goods
BOOKS: Lauren Conrad {via Barnes & Noble}
FLOWERS: Hobby Lobby

SHOES: Valentino





Lava Hot Springs & How To Love Yourself In A Swimsuit...

TOP: Kortni Jeane / BOTOMS: Kortni Jeane / SUNGLASSES: ASOS

This past weekend we took a little weekend trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. It was nice to get away from this fickle Utah weather and sit in giant hot tubs all weekend...even though the snow seemed to follow us to Idaho. There isn't a whole lot to do in the little town of Lava Hot Springs besides spend time at the springs. But there is a little ice cream shop called "Sweet Stuff" that has the most delicious Huckleberry ice cream. They serve all their ice cream in cubes, which is a fun touch! 

I wanted to talk about swimsuits and the insecurities that come with wearing a swimsuit. Since it was what I lived in for most of the weekend, I wanted to share my favorite suit as well. This top and bottom is from Kortni Jeane. I have many suits from Kortni Jeane and I love that they make suits for all body types. They are constantly coming out with new prints and designs which are always full of color and fun!

The most important thing I love about Kortni Jeane swimmers is that I feel confident when I wear them. They are comfortable and flattering on all body types. They are so unique and there is something for everyone.

There was definitely a time when I HATED wearing a swim suit. I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone a swimsuit that shows off my body. It has taken a long time for me to love myself and my body. Sometimes it feels like a constant battle with myself, but it is something I choose to keep working at. Our world has a way of twisting our idea of body image that makes it hard to love the one we were given.

Of course there is always something I would love to improve about myself, but I am happy about my body right now. I am healthy, happy and strong. My body is able to run miles, lift heavy things, and enjoy daily exercise. The moment I starting loving myself the world opened up with millions of possibilities.

I know loving yourself is mostly a mental game, but start by saying one good thing about yourself a day. Think happy thoughts about yourself. Don't compare what you have to someone else. Because the moment you start, you are setting yourself up for failure. No two people will ever be the same, and remember, there is always someone out there wishing they had what you have. 

I am not a size 0, have never been a size 0. I am pretty average, a have curvier thighs, but I am happy and I love my body. I choose to take care of my body and myself. Everyone is unique and I feel like everyone should celebrate themselves. This is the only body I will ever be given, so instead of filling it with garbage and treating it like garbage, I work hard to take care of it and show it love! Self love is a difficult thing to come to terms with. I feel like loving others comes a lot easier than loving ourselves. Why is that? We know ourselves better than anyone else, our bodies have been through everything with us, and yet we still end up shaming ourselves; or wishing we were different.

So when it comes time this summer to put on a suit, rock it! Think of all the amazing things your body has done for you! No one and nothing should make you miss out or feel insecure. I love the saying, "How to have a bikini body: 1. Have a body, 2. Put a bikini on it." I'm not saying you have to wear a bikini, but wear a suit you feel comfortable with. I love wearing Kortni Jeane swimmers because they make me feel confident and comfortable. All while being so bright!

Remember to love yourself and your body. Start with one good thought about yourself today and watch it snowball. I promise if you start your self love journey today, one day you are going to look back and wonder why you never started sooner! It is something you have to constantly work at, but you will thank yourself.




How To Take Your Casual Outfit To The Next Level...

TOP: ASOS / JACKET: H&M / PANTS: Forever 21 / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker / SHOES: Forever 21 (similar here) / BAG: Gucci

Colin and I usually have a movie date night at least once a week (thanks to MoviePass). So at least once a week I am dressed in very casual attire. After finding this MEN'S jacket from H&M, it has definitely stepped up the game! So don't ever be afraid to shop around in the men's department, because you never know what you're going to find! I was shopping with my sister and brother in law in the men's section when my sister happened to stumble upon this jacket. So we both ended up getting one and wearing it to the movies. 

I sometimes find it hard to dress casual but still feel "cute." I feel like this outfit is the perfect in between. It is definitely casual, but I also still feel cute while wearing it. Let me share a few tips on how to add accessories to your casual outfit to still make it look and feel cute.

1. If. you are planning on wearing a jacket, make sure to pair it with a printed tee underneath. It will break up the monochromatic color scheme. This Adidas shirt feels sporty and I love the big logo on the front. It is from ASOS for only $30. I want one in every color!

2. Add a pair of sunglasses while you are running errands during the day. There is something about a good pair of sunglasses that can just add a certain amount of "chic" to an outfit. These Karen Walker sunglasses are definitely my most worn pair of sunglasses. I get so many compliments when I wear them, and I can't say enough good about them! Plus they are very comfortable and don't squeeze my head while wearing them.

3. Bring along a nice crossbody bag or tote. I am definitely a bag girl. I love having so many different kinds and colors. I also love putting half of my bathroom in my bag as well, but on my days that I am feeling more casual I grab a crossbody bag. It can carry my essentials, but still compliment my outfit. This Gucci bag has been my #1 ever since I got it back in December. It is the perfect size to hold my wallet, sunglasses, lipstick/lipgloss, gum, and a snack (because I always bring a snack in my purse in case I am running errands all day.) 

4. Wear a cute pair of slip-on's or sneakers. Ever since our Disneyland trip in January I have discovered a new love for the slip on tennis shoe. I grabbed this camo pair from Forever 21, but this Steve Madden pair is almost identical. If I am going for a casual tennis shoe my Nike Roshe's are my go-to! They are so cute, comfortable and I know I can be in them all day.

You don't have to add all these items to your casual outfits, but those are the steps I go through to take my casual outfit to the next level! I hope one of these tips helped! 
Happy Friday! Thank goodness for the weekend!



Spring Fever In The Red Rock...

TOP: Rachel Parcell / PANTS: Old Navy / SHOES: Marc Fisher / SUNGLASSES: ASOS / BAG: Forever 21

Is it safe to say that spring is here yet?? It has been 60 degrees the past couple days and we have been loving it! I am finally over my cold I've had since last week. Can we all agree being sick is quite possibly the worst? 

I am finally getting around to sharing these photos from our trip down to St. George/Las Vegas. We took these in the middle of the St. George Parade of Homes with the beautiful red rock in the background. It was a little chilly while we were there, but this outfit is perfect for the weather recently. I love this floral print top from Rachel Parcell. I will admit, it is a little shorter than I was anticipating, but it isn't the worst. I also am in love with these sunnies from ASOS. They are sold out, but I will link similar styles here and here.

Can we talk about how amazing Marc Fisher wedges are? I don't know how, but he has perfected the wedge. I bought these in December at Nordstrom Rack for $80 dollars and about passed out. They are so comfortable and are definitely my most worn pair of shoes in the spring/summer. 

Since spring has sprung (fingers crossed), I wanted to share a few of my spring favorites: