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To My Valentine...

Happy Valentines!
Since it is a special day I wanted to share a special post. I know I don't share a ton of posts about marriage or my personal life. But since it is a day all about love, I figured I would get a little mushy and share all the little things I love about Colin! We are going to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year! It is crazy how fast those past 5 years have gone by. I guess time flies when you're having fun right? Ever since we started dating Colin has always spoiled me to death! So ever since we have gotten married I have tried to spoil him right back.

I love that he is my biggest supporter and always pushes me to go after my dreams.
I love that he is my biggest comforter and always knows exactly how to cheer me up.
I love how handsome he is, because he is extremely good looking!!
I love how patient he is with me, especially when I have a case of the hangries.
I love that he watches 'The Bachelor' with me every week, and he likes it!
I love that whenever I cry in movies, tv shows, most everything, he gives me the cutest smile and holds my hand.
I love how affectionate he is, and that he isn't afraid of a little PDA! It was one of the criteria when we were dating, because I am a little needy (haha)
I love that he is hilarious and always making our marriage fun!
I also love that he has a never ending supply of 'dad jokes.'
I love that he still surprises me.
I love that he loves to travel with me. It is our favorite thing to do together.
I love that he is mister 'fix it,' and I can always take my problems to him.
I love that he is so friendly and outgoing. He can literally strike up a conversation with anyone and be friends in two minutes. I wish I had that skill.
I love love love his dimple! He has one in his right cheek. When we first started dating it made me swoon every time he smiled.
I love his dance moves. Although they might not be super refined, they are his and I love them!
I love that he is mine. 
I love that we are partners in all things.
I love that he is my forever Valentine.

There are a million and one reasons why I love Colin. Those are just a few. I honestly could go on and on for hours! 

I hope you all have an incredible Valentines Day! Whether it is spent with a loved one, Galentine, or at the movies watching the latest chick flick, know you are loved!



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