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Instagram Round Up: My Outfits From Our Trip To Cali...

Since I didn't do a post for each individual outfit I wore last week to California and Disneyland I thought I would do an Instagram Round-up of all the outfits I wore in the past week! The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there. It wasn't too hot and a little chilly at night; so we ended up only needed a sweater when the sun went down. I wish I could already go back since it is 30 degrees here and colder.

Before we left on our trip I did a little bit of shopping to find some Mickey attire. Surprisingly my favorite find was this Mickey Mouse sweater from Forever 21. I wore it almost every night and people loved it. It seems classic, timeless, and I honestly would probably wear it outside of Disneyland. I was surprised by how much Disney attire, or Mickey Mouse attire that Forever 21 had. So if you are planning a trip to Disneyland/Disney World in the future I would check there! They have a lot of really cute things that aren't expensive.

While we were there I spotted this 'rose gold Disney spirit jersey.' It was a popular shirt among the women and quite a few men there. It is a pink shirt that has rose gold glitter all across the back. I loved it and had to buy it. It retails for about $60. We did find someone with a season pass to help us out, so we ended up only paying $48 for it. Let me tell you a secret, I asked a girl there where she got it. She said that it was all sold out and you couldn't buy it anywhere, and to try online. False. The had quite a few at Emporium and a ton at Disney Clothiers. I needed a small and they didn't have very many of those. The only place we could find a small was at Disney Clothiers. If you look online people are selling them for quite a bit more than what you can find at the park.

After walking a ton while we were at Disneyland my Nike Roshe's saved me! They are all I wear while I am working and they are my favorite Nike shoe. They are on sale for $59 here and they come in a variety of colors! The other thing that I used non-stop on our trip was my Gucci Marmont small matelassé bag. It was the perfect size to carry everything I needed to take into the park, without being too bulky and overwhelming.

I hope you enjoy these outfits and I can't wait to share more from our trip!




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