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A Day In The Snow...

COAT: Shopko / SWEATER: Simple Addiction c/o / LEGGINGS: Simple Addiction c/o / SCARF: My Sister's Closet Boutique / BOOTS: Target ($38!!!)

The snow has officially made its way to Utah, and I have been freezing my buns off! I love living in Utah, and I love having snow during the month of December for Christmas, but I would be fine skipping all the other snow until spring. This year I finally got smart and invested in a few "must-haves." 

First, I got these black solid leggings from Simple Addiction and they are unbelievably warm! I'll be honest, I have never owned a pair of leggings outside of workout attire, but there is a first for everything right?? I got these thinking they would be super comfortable to wear around the house, but I have loved wearing these black solid leggings when I am running errands in my snow boots. Have I mentioned how soft they are? I ended up being pleasantly surprised, because they feel amazing! I makes them even more cozy. I am wearing a size S/M, and they fit true to size.

Secondly, I purchased these snow boots a couple months ago in anticipation for the snow. I haven't had a proper pair of snow boots in years, so I was wayyy overdue for a pair. I love that they have fur lining the whole inside and that they come up to mid-calf. It makes them comfortable to walk in, without having to feel like I'm wearing giant ski boots! They are under $40 and an essential if you're in a place with snow. 

This has been my attire for the past week. I pile on the layers! Sometimes living in a place where we get lots of snow it is hard to always be "fashionable" or "cute" when you're wanting to wear three parkas at a time. So I have been layering this pink sweater from Simple Addiction, and this scarf from My Sister's Closet Boutique. They are cute and keep me warm while I'm out in the cold!

Since I have been loving these black solid leggings so much, I am happy to share a coupon code with you! You can get 10% off your order by using the code: sara10. So you can get your own pair for lounging around the house, braving in the cold in your snow boots, or wearing a cute sweater with riding boots. 
Thank you so much to Simple Addiction for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own



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