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The Top 10 "Must-Have" Treats At Disneyland...

I wanted to do a post all about my favorite treats at Disneyland/California Adventure because 1) I absolutely LOVE the Disney food, and 2) I got tons of questions and comments about all the food I posted while there. So I am going to go through a whole list of amazing treats you NEED to get if you take a trip to Disneyland in California. 

I also wanted to do this because since coming back I have been eating super healthy and working out. So obviously I am having all the sugary cravings! 

One thing you should know ahead of time is that the food at Disneyland can get quite pricey. Colin and I had some money set aside just for food, which we called our "Disney Food Fund." Silly you might say, but once you try the Raspberry Rose Macaron, you will thank me. We just didn't want to always be looking for the best deal on food, or leaving the park for something cheaper. Time is money people. We are also big foodies when it comes to vacation. We love trying new foods and trying ALL the foods, so we don't really like to budget on food. First world problems I know. Anyway, let me share all my favorites! 
1. Raspberry Rose Macaron 
This was probably my favorite treat from this trip. It was the first time I had every tried it, and I honestly don't know how I went so long without having one of these in my life! You can find the 'Raspberry Rose Macaron' at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. This was my favorite place to eat and get treats. You could get anything there and it wouldn't be a bad choice.

Take a regular macaron and times that by 5. They are huge and unbelievably delicious! It it raspberry flavored, with raspberry filling and fresh raspberries lining the inside. It is pretty sweet, but the fresh raspberries make it almost refreshing. My whole family fell in love with this, and we all had at least one a day. *If you notice there is a different colored stripe on the macaron each day! It was fun to guess which color they were going to do each day.

2. Matterhorn Macaroon
On our last trip to Disneyland we discovered the 'Matterhorn Macaroon.' *sigh* You can also find this delectable treat at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. I told you, they have the goods! It is a mountain of coconut flavored macaroon with white chocolate on top and sprinkles of coconut flakes. I'll be honest, I hate most coconut things, but I love this treat! It is actually very dense and rich. It is Colin's all time favorite treat and always on the top of our list if we are planning a Disney trip.

3. The Jungle Julep
Let me introduce you to 'The Jungle Julep.' I feel like this is one of Disneyland's hidden treasures when it comes to drinks, or maybe I just didn't know about it until this year. It is a tropical slushy full of: grape, pineapple, orange, and lemon. You can find this beautiful drink at Bengal Barbecue, and trust me, you won't be disappointed! We all guzzled it down and were blown away! It is very refreshing and not too sweet, which I loved. I would definitely give this drink 10/10!

4. Mickey Mouse-Shaped Beignets
Friends. If you only take away one thing from this blog post, I hope you take away this: "Beignets are phenomenal, and you need to try them." If you only try one thing, make this the thing. I wish I had a better picture of them, so I found one on Google to compare. We tried these on our very last day at Disneyland, at 9:00 pm. I wish we had discovered these sooner! They were recommended by a friend and I probably could have eaten 5 more. 

The Mickey Mouse-Shaped Beignets are found at 'The Mint Julep' in Adventureland. They are fluffy little scones covered in powdered sugar. They give them to you in a bag and dump the powdered sugar on top. TIP: before you open the bag and start eating, give the bag a good shake, it will make sure that all the Beignets are covered in powdered sugar. 
Since we have returned home I have been craving these non-stop! I have found a couple places in SLC that have beignets, but haven't been yet. Once I have I'll let you know what I think!

5. Dole Whip
Dole Whip is an absolute must when spending the day at Disneyland! It is such a refreshing treat! And even though other places outside of Disneyland (and Hawaii) have started serving the Dole Whip soft-serve, I swear it doesn't compare. Maybe it's the Disneyland magic, but Dole Whip seems to taste better in the park. It should always be on your list of treats to get! Especially in warm weather.

6. Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs
The Disney Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs are out of this world! They are HUGE and will definitely fill you up for lunch. They are around $9, but are definitely worth the extra dollars. I love that the batter is so thick and delicious! I would definitely recommend trying one if you haven't! My mom is not a fan of hot dogs or corn dogs. She tried one and loved it! If she can do it, so can you!

7. Disneyland Churros
If Heaven doesn't have Disneyland Churros, I am going to be very disappointed. I don't think churros get much better than this. They are insanely long, and always warm with the perfect amount of crunch! Out of all the goodies, this was what I craved the most! Lets get real for a minute, I ate probably 3 a day...I know, I know, but can you blame me? Disneyland Churros are my weakness, and luckily they are readily available in both parks. I thank Disney for placing a cart on every corner!

8. Disney Bread Bowls
If I am going to eat lunch at Disneyland, this is what I am going to eat! It is my favorite Disney lunch and very filling! These Bread Bowls can be found at the 'Royal Street Veranda' right behind the Pirates of The Caribbean ride. They have: clam chowder, steak gumbo, and vegetarian gumbo. I got the clam chowder, which is delicious, but I also got a taste of the vegetarian gumbo and it was just as yummy. The soup comes in sour dough bread, which I love! If you don't, it might not be the lunch for you, but it is a quick, easy lunch that fills you up!

9. Ocean Beach Sea Salt Carmel Sundae
Heading over to California Adventure, a place you must hit is Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. It is like a mini Ghirardelli Square filled with shakes, sundaes, ice cream and chocolates! I ordered the 'Ocean Beach Sea Salt Carmel Sundae,' which was one of the more popular items on the menu. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Everyone ended up eating it with me because they liked it so much better than what they ordered! It had the perfect amount of sea salt, but was definitely something to share. It was worth the hype and the $12!

10. Red's Apple Freeze
In Car's Land they have so many delicious treats at the Cozy Cone Motel! My favorite drink i scalled 'Red's Apple Freeze.' It is like an apple sauce slushy. It does have a very sweet taste, and I would recommend sharing this as well, since it ends up being really sweet. But on a hot day, it couldn't taste better! Even though 'The Jungle Julep' made its way to my #1 favorite drink, this is definitely second. A must try while you're waiting in line for the Car's ride!

I hope you enjoyed all my favorite treats! If one of your favorites wasn't on my list I would love to know what yours is, so we can try it when we go back! Happy Monday!




A Day In The Snow...

COAT: Shopko / SWEATER: Simple Addiction c/o / LEGGINGS: Simple Addiction c/o / SCARF: My Sister's Closet Boutique / BOOTS: Target ($38!!!)

The snow has officially made its way to Utah, and I have been freezing my buns off! I love living in Utah, and I love having snow during the month of December for Christmas, but I would be fine skipping all the other snow until spring. This year I finally got smart and invested in a few "must-haves." 

First, I got these black solid leggings from Simple Addiction and they are unbelievably warm! I'll be honest, I have never owned a pair of leggings outside of workout attire, but there is a first for everything right?? I got these thinking they would be super comfortable to wear around the house, but I have loved wearing these black solid leggings when I am running errands in my snow boots. Have I mentioned how soft they are? I ended up being pleasantly surprised, because they feel amazing! I makes them even more cozy. I am wearing a size S/M, and they fit true to size.

Secondly, I purchased these snow boots a couple months ago in anticipation for the snow. I haven't had a proper pair of snow boots in years, so I was wayyy overdue for a pair. I love that they have fur lining the whole inside and that they come up to mid-calf. It makes them comfortable to walk in, without having to feel like I'm wearing giant ski boots! They are under $40 and an essential if you're in a place with snow. 

This has been my attire for the past week. I pile on the layers! Sometimes living in a place where we get lots of snow it is hard to always be "fashionable" or "cute" when you're wanting to wear three parkas at a time. So I have been layering this pink sweater from Simple Addiction, and this scarf from My Sister's Closet Boutique. They are cute and keep me warm while I'm out in the cold!

Since I have been loving these black solid leggings so much, I am happy to share a coupon code with you! You can get 10% off your order by using the code: sara10. So you can get your own pair for lounging around the house, braving in the cold in your snow boots, or wearing a cute sweater with riding boots. 
Thank you so much to Simple Addiction for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own



The Romantic Sequin Dress...

DRESS: Lookbook Store / SHOES: ASOS (sold out, similar here) / BAG: Prada (similar here) / LIPS: Birthday Suit by Tarte

Here is the beginning of some Valentine's Day looks!
Every year for Valentine's, Colin and I usually go out on a date that we normally wouldn't. Which means: going out to a really nice restaurant, spending a little extra on dinner, and making each other feel special. We usually head to downtown Salt Lake City, and make reservations at a place we normally wouldn't go during the rest of the year. We get all dressed up and it makes the occasion feel special to us.

There is nothing I love more than seeing my husband get all cleaned up, and dress in a nice dress shirt and tie (or just a nice dress shirt). That is one of the reasons I love dressing up for special occasions! It's fun to look nice for your spouse and really make Valentine's special! It's a holiday all about love, and this is one way I show my husband I love him.

I love that this dress feels romantic when I wear it! It is dressy enough to wear out on a fancy date, and it adds a bit of sparkle; which I love! This millennial pink definitely has me wrapped around its finger, and it is the perfect color palette for Valentine's. Anyone else been sucked into the millennial pink??

Wearing this dress makes me feel girly and flirty. I feel like I need to just keep twirling in this dress so the light can just bounce of it. Plus it is kirakira approved! 

What is your favorite color palette for Valentines?



The Essential Olive Dress...

DRESS: Cotton + Grain c/o / SHOES: similar here & here / BAG: Kate Spade (similar here) / SUNGLASSES: DIFF Eyewear

This dress is called the "Essential Olive Dress," from Cotton + Grain, and it literally is essential. It is so comfortable with a tie in the front which makes it adjustable for all sizes. I am wearing a medium in these photos. It could have been tighter around the waist, but I love that it is cinched!

Even though it was freezing when we took these photos (literally 30 degrees), I can't wait to wear this dress when it starts to get warmer! A dress like this will be the perfect dress for any outing in the spring. It is such a neutral piece, so you can add any pop of color to this dress. How about some pink? With Valentine's right around the corner it would be a match made in heaven!

Cotton + Grain is a newly launched boutique with a new fresh and modern style! It is run by the lovely Kimberly, and she has so many amazing items in her shop. All of her items are hand-picked and are all unique! There is something for everyone in her shop.

Definitely keep your eye on my Instagram! I can't wait to feature more of her items!

Use the code: STYLE for 10% off your order at Cotton + Grain! For a limited time only they are also offering free shipping for orders over $50! Jump on this deal before it runs out!
Thank you Cotton + Grain for sponsoring this post!



Our Stay At The Belamar Hotel...

We were lucky enough to stay at The Belamar while we were in California the first week of January. Colin and I had never been to the area, so Manhattan Beach was a perfect location for us explore. When we arrived our valet conveniently whisked away our car, and we were warmly greeted by beautiful modern decor in the lobby. I was always very impressed with the service The Belamar provides. Everyone was extremely nice and accommodating. 
When we walked into our room I instantly loved the decor. The rooms at The Belamar have been recently renovated, and I was very happy with the guest room we were in! The room felt so homey in fact, that all throughout our trip I would say, "let's go home." Instead of, "lets go back to the hotel." Each room is also provided a record player, which I thought was a fun touch. It has the perfect modern beach decor since Manhattan Beach is less than a mile away.

The first night we were in Manhattan Beach was New Years Day. They provided us with a reservation to their Second Story Restaurant, which was perfect since we were starving from traveling all day.  We ordered the hummus for an appetizer, which was extremely delicious. It came with fresh veggies and pita bread. Colin ordered steak, and I ordered the organic chicken. I was told it was one of the more popular items, and I wasn't disappointed! It was perfectly spiced and cooked to perfection.

 Since it was New Years Day, that also meant the premiere of "The Bachelor." So after dinner, we drove to Venice Beach for Salt & Straw Ice cream, then I snuggled up in the robe they provided when we returned, and enjoyed relaxing while we watched "The Bachelor."

It might have been our exhaustion, but the bed was out of this world comfortable. Colin would have been fine if we spent the whole trip in the room, because the bed was just that comfortable! Which I really appreciate, because I sometimes have a hard time sleeping when I'm not in my own bed.

Another one of my favorite key features of the room was the full length mirror hanging from the wall. On the top of the mirror it says, "Manhattan Beach is always a good idea." I love their attention to detail in the rooms, right down to the inscription on the mirror.
The next morning we ordered room service to have breakfast in bed, which has always been a hotel dream of mine! I ordered waffles with fresh fruit, while Colin ordered a breakfast filled with: eggs, bacon, hash browns and a bagel. I will be honest, the food blew me away! Everything was so delicious, and it tasted even better snuggled in bed. That is a hotel luxury I might have to indulge in every time we travel!
One of the key features I really loved while at The Belamar was the court yard of the hotel. It had a beautiful sitting area, as well as the perfect instagramable shaded seating. There were also many gas fire pits and cabanas sprinkling the grounds that would be perfect for warmth at night. We wanted to try the fire pits at night, but were always too busy exploring the city.

I will say the biggest quirk, and thing that makes The Belamar unique, is the fireplace that is by the poolside. There is a large photo of a Chihuahua with aviator goggles on. It is a sight to see, but I feel like it just adds to the character of the hotel.

Our hotel room had a balcony with seating area that could look down towards the courtyard. It was such nice weather that it felt good to sit outside and enjoy the mornings. While our room was on the outskirts of the courtyard, there are rooms you can book that open up directly into the courtyard.

Many of you commented on our trip to The Belamar and followed along with our travels! I loved sharing our stay with you! The Belamar is the perfect place to stay if you are planning a trip near the Manhattan Beach area. It is such a great choice if you are looking for somewhere modern that feels like home, and I couldn't recommend it more! It has everything you ever want in a hotel: excellent service, delicious food, comfortable accommodations, and convenient location.

You can bet we will be planning another trip! Thank you so much to The Belamar and Pacifica Hotels for having us!


Here are a few snap shots that I took with my phone while we were there:
Thanks to The Belamar & Pacifica Hotels for hosting us!