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How I Am Staying Fresh This Holiday Season..

Life is constantly so busy, especially around the holidays! We are running from work to Christmas shopping, to family parties, and to all the extracurricular activities! It's no secret that working a full time job, blogging and running all my other errands keeps me on my toes. But I wanted to share the product that has been keeping me feeling fresh all day long! Even when I'm running all around town.

Secret Invisible Sprays are easy to apply, with invisible application, and keep me feeling fresh all day. The collection is perfect for anyone who is on-the-go and is great at helping to combat a stressful, sweaty day! 

 Secret Invisible Sprays  come in four different scents, Cool WaterlilyLuxe LavenderBoho Berry, and Glam Grapefruit. The Boho Berry and Glam Grapefruit scents are my favorites! I am a fruity scent kind of gal. 
Secret’s Fade Resistant Scent Technology in the sprays combats nose-blindness and allows you to smell the fragrance all throughout the day! Nose-blindness is when you get used to familiar scents, such as your favorite perfume, deodorant, shampoo, etc... but Secret's new technology has made it so you can keep smelling your favorite Invisible Spray.

If you aren't sure what scent is for you, Secret has a  Product Match Quiz you can take that will match you with your perfect deodorant! Different scents can be perfect for different moods or personalities. Some days I feel like I want to wear Boho Berry, and others I want a more soothing scent, such as Luxe Lavender. Take the quiz HERE  to see which deodorant and scent suits you best and comment below with your results!
No matter what you are dealing with, Secret Invisible Sprays will make sure you are protected and feeling fresh for up to 48 hours. I love that Secret is a brand created and directed specifically for women. So they know what we need and how to take care of those needs best! 

I have used Secret deodorant ever since middle school. Since the Secret Invisible Sprays came out in July,  I have loved the easy application and the fact that the product stays in place and keeps me dry all day. And like I said … even if I need a touch up, or want extra protection before an event, it is perfect for on-the-go!

If you are interested in winning Secret Deodorant for a year, visit my Instagram post HERE for all the details!




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