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KEEPing The Disney Magic Alive With KEEP Collective...

I received these products from KEEP Collective for review. All opinions are my own.
There is just something about Disneyland that makes me relive my childhood. There is so much magic there and I absolutely love how it brings out the kid in me. It is like I'm stepping into a different world filled with all the Disney movies!

I have always loved Disney and Disneyland. The first time I went was when I was 5. I remember having my own autograph book and making sure as many Disney characters signed it as possible! 

The last time I went was 2 years ago with my husband for our anniversary. I loved every minute of it! Being there with my husband was so special. We got to relive old memories and make new ones. I loved wearing my Minnie ears all over Disneyland and trying all the foods! (because Disneyland has the best churros!) I remember us sitting down on a bench in Adventure Land being surrounded by all the magic and people. I just remember thinking, "this truly is the happiest place on Earth."

I would love to always have that feeling! So when I found out KEEP Collective came out with their Disney line I knew I had to have it to keep some magic with me at all times! It comes with a couple different bands to pick from. As well as a ton of charms to add to your band! 
Colin and I have been planning a trip back to Disneyland and I can't even wait! I will have to take this bracelet with me because you can never have too many Disney accessories while in Disneyland. I chose to put these specific charms on the bracelet because they remind me of the heart and soul of Disney. Mickey and Minnie. That's where it all started for me. I love the 'magic' charm. Because Disney is centered around the magic and keeping it alive! I love wearing this bracelet and the magic it keeps alive for me.

I also love that you can customize the band however you want! There are so many different charms to pick from. I customized my band by selecting a few charms that were so me! I got the lipstick charm, because obviously I love wearing lipstick and makeup. I also got a marble charm because I love all things marble. I also got a crown, because my name "Sara" means "princess." Lastly, I got the Hamsa because I love that it symbolizes faith, luck and protection. I have always loved this symbol and was excited to add it to my collection!



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