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SuitableYou: 4 Different Looks With This Styling Service...

I received these items as compensation from SuitableYou. All opinions are my own.
Good morning! Are we all excited for fall? I sure am! Give me all the pumpkin things please! I am also excited to share a few different looks with you today on transitioning into fall! I received a few of these items from a styling service called SuitableYou

SuitableYou is a unique styling service. SuitableYou is a work wear styling service that provides stylish and up to date options for the working environment. What sets them apart from other styling services, is that they build upon pieces so you have a working wardrobe! Instead of a bunch of random pieces that don't go with anything. They have their stylists hand pick items to send you based on your answers from a specific and thorough styling survey. I think the whole idea is genius!

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience with SuitableYou. First, I took the styling survey. It asked lots of questions about my taste that were multiple answer. For example, "what would you rather wear for date night?" Then I had a few different pictures of outfits & accessories to pick from. I picked the outfit that would closely relate to my style. I loved that it gave so many options & the survey was very thorough. It also asked for your height, sizes, etc. to be more accurate.

After you have taken the survey, the SuitableYou stylists get to work in picking pieces that would be perfect for you based on your survey. I was a little worried about what they would pick for me & if it would actually be "my style." When I opened the box I can honestly say I loved every single item they sent me! All of the items were definitely me & I feel like their picks were super accurate! I was really impressed.

In every box they send 5 items. It can be 5 clothing items, or 4 clothing items & an accessory. Every box is different. They charge a $20 styling fee for the box. You have the option to keep what you love & send back the items you don't. If you keep all 5 items you get 20% off your order, & 10% off if you keep 3 or more items. I love that they take the hassle out of looking for good affordable work attire & it gets sent right to you!
I also really loved that all the pieces are perfect to transition into fall! The first couple items in the box were this darling striped top with the lace up details, & these dark jeans.

I fell in love with this top instantly! I love stripes & I love that it is neutral so I could wear it with lots of different pant colors. The top fits amazing! I am a little picky on shirts. I have curvier hips so I like my tops to be a little longer. I was super happy with the length of the shirt, as well as the soft material.

I was a little worried about the fit of the pants. I wear a size 6-8 & sometimes jeans can be tricky. In some jeans I wear a 6, & in some I wear an 8. So when I tried on these jeans & they fit amazing, I was thrilled! Plus they were made out of a stretchy material, so they had a very comfortable fit.

The next item that was in my box was this bell sleeve, ruffled blue & white striped top. I also loved this item right away. Ruffles & bell sleeves have definitely been in this year, & my love for them has been no exception! 

Since summer is winding down & we are transitioning into fall I thought it would pair perfectly with white jeans. I know you're not suppose to wear white after Labor Day (or that's what they say), but I break the rules. 

The sleeves were a little long on me, but definitely still wearable, & it fit great! I would love to wear this on a date night. 

This suede dress! Let's all just take a moment to appreciate how pretty it is! Suede is really huge right now! I attended a fashion show this past weekend & there were so many suede items on the models!

This was the fourth item in my box & I really loved the color. I am a huge blush lover & knew it was meant for me. I paired it with a dark sunglass & leopard clutch, because animal print is huge this fall! As well as every fall. 

Blush is such a versatile color. I feel like you can wear it through every season & it would look good. This dress would look amazing with some over the knee boots & a Moto jacket when it gets colder! 

This dress was also such a great length, but I did feel like it was a little tight around my hips. I would have liked it to be a little looser, but I would definitely wear this out for a night on the town. 

The fifth & last item in my box was this olive colored bomber jacket. These have been huge this fall! I have seen so many people wearing these & with so many different outfit options. 

I'll be honest, I have never worn or owned a bomber jacket in my life. I was a little skeptical on if I would actually wear it, or how it would look on me. It probably wouldn't be something I would have purchased myself if I was shopping, but I loved that it was included in this box because it made me step out of my fashion comfort zone a little.

I paired it in a more casual "around the town" outfit. It would be perfect for active wear, running errands or even dressed up. I can't wait to wear it with my blush dress! It would be an amazing combo!

It is a lighter jacket & would be perfect for fall nights. It also has a little sheen to it & is so silky soft! I have grabbed it multiple times running out the door since I have received it.
Overall I have loved my first experience with SuitableYou. I really love the idea of a styling service. I love shopping, but honestly I do a lot of shopping online. I run out of time during the week to just go browse, so I love that it can be sent directly to my door. They provide so many great options and items in their boxes. Their main focus is on affordable & stylish work attire. I like that they provide a ton of good options! The pieces are perfect for the working woman, but can also blend perfectly & be added to other pieces in your wardrobe that aren't work related.

I also love getting mail & surprises! It was really fun to receive clothing items that I was seeing for the first time! I also am a fan of the survey because there is a 90% chance that the items will be things that you will love & want to keep. But it is great that they offer the chance to return the items you won't wear.

I would love to offer you 15% off your first order by using the code: PENNY15. I would love to see what you get in your boxes!

Thank you so much for reading!
What is your favorite outfit I put together for going into fall?



*Thank you SuitableYou for sponsoring this post!


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