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Help Kneaders In Their "Hope Fights Childhood Cancer"...

Cancer is something we are all familiar with. Whether we had friends or family member who have went through treatments, or whether you have had to deal with cancer personally. Whatever the case, we have all been effected by it.

When I was about 5, my grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the time my mom, sister and I were living with my grandparents. My parents were divorced and my grandparents helped watch me and my younger sister when we got home from school.

When she was diagnosed I was young enough to know that she was sick with cancer, but didn't understand until later in life what she was really going through. I remember her being sick a lot. Having to take lots of naps from getting tired easily, and many trips to the hospital for treatments. After awhile, she started wearing a wig. To a 5 year old my grandma just didn't have any hair, and that was why she wore a wig. I didn't understand that it was the treatments making her hair fall out.

I remember waking up one night to the sounds of sirens and flashing lights. My room was in the basement and I was hearing my sister crying and people running around upstairs. I ran to the bottom of the stairs to find my little sister yelling at my mom not to go, while flashing lights were filling the house. My mom said that grandma needed to go to the hospital in an ambulance, and that our neighbor would come stay with us.

My grandma passed away in the days following at the hospital. As a 5 year old I was told grandma was in Heaven. It wasn't until I was older that I learned how much she suffered, and how much it took a toll on her body.

That was my only up close and personal experience with cancer until earlier this year.

My parents got divorced when I was really young; about 1 or 2. I would spend time with my dad, but I always lived with my mom and he would come to visit on the weekends. 

I got a phone call earlier this year from him saying he went to the doctor and had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. A couple years leading up to his diagnosis he had been having some health problems, but it was a surprise that cancer was the answer.

I was so shocked. The doctor gave him only a couple months to live if he did nothing. My heart broke for him. I hadn't seen him in months, and to hear that he had cancer, stage 4 cancer, wasn't easy. He decided to go through some treatments to try and prolong the time he had. He also had surgery to remove part of his colon. 

After he had finished with a couple months of treatments he came to Utah to visit me and my sister. I couldn't believe it was him. He was so thin. He didn't look well. You could instantly see the toll cancer had taken on his body. It was heartbreaking to see what it can do to a person. It had completely drained him. Ultimately they gave him a few more years at most, but they couldn't give him an exact number. With cancer that advanced its hard to say how long someone has.

Cancer is an ugly thing that can tear families and lives apart in an instant. That is why I have decided to team up with Kneaders in their "Hope Fights Childhood Cancer" campaign. The Kneaders campaign really hit home with me because of what my family and family members have been through. And to know what other families have gone through. I knew I had to be a part of it.
Childhood Cancer claims the lives of 2500 children every year in the United States. I am proud to support the Kneaders Hope Fights Childhood Cancer Campaign in their efforts to raise funds and support for Dr. Schiffman, who is exploring how elephant DNA might hold the key to ending cancer for children throughout the world. 

Gary and Colleen Worthington, the founders of Kneaders, found out that their grandson had been diagnosed with cancer. His typical teenage life was turned upside down. Even though he is cancer-free now, they didn't forget what the fight for his life was life. They wanted to help find a cure, or be part of a research that they really believed in and knew was going to make a difference. So they decided to team up with Dr. Schiffman.

Did you know that Dr. Joshua Schiffman, teen cancer survivor, renowned Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist and cancer researcher at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah, was part of the team that discovered elephants have 40 copies of a cancer fighting protein called p53 in their DNA - which may help protect elephants from cancer? Humans only have two copies of p53 and some children that get cancer only have one copy of p53 in their DNA. Since discovering the power of the elephant p53 protein, Dr. Schiffman and his research team have been working around the clock to bring the discovery to human trials in the fight to end cancer for people of all ages. 
Elephants rarely get cancer. Did you know that? That’s because elephants have 40 cancer fighting protein strands in their DNA. Humans only have two and most children that have cancer only have one. Dr. Schiffman is exploring how the 40 cancer fighting proteins in elephants might be the key to ending childhood cancer. This is life changing information in the works and I am so excited to be a part of it!

Want to be part of the campaign too? Stop by a Kneaders near you to buy an adorable elephant shaped sugar cookie and eat your way to helping us raise $300,000 this month. 100% of the cookie sales go to Dr. Schiffman’s research and all the HOPE goes to kids fighting cancer throughout the world. 
Along with the sale of the elephant cookie, Kneaders will also offer custom elephant themed campaign retail items in 57 stores and online at (while supplies lasts). Proceeds from the sale of all retail items will be donated to Dr. Schiffman’s work. 
There are so many fun items to grab to become part of the cause! Woven Pear have a fun pair of elephant socks created specifically for the Kneaders campaign. I love the story behind these socks. When the founders grandson was going through treatments all the family members would send pictures of them wearing crazy socks to help cheer Tanner up. So Woven Pear has created these darling socks so we can all wear our own pair of 'crazy socks' in the HOPE to fight childhood cancer.

Here are just a few more of the items that you will find to help fight childhood cancer:
Little hope and Big HOPE
The Kneaders elephant necklace

In addition to the elephant cookie and retail items, Kneaders customers will also have the option to round-up their purchase at the register, or make a cash donation of their choice to the campaign either at the register or on-line at 

I am proud to be one of over 50 VIP Hope Ambassadors for the Kneaders Hope Fights Childhood Cancer Campaign bene tting the innovative research work of teen cancer survivor, renowned pediatric oncologist, hematologist and cancer researcher, Dr. Josh Schiffman at Huntsman Cancer Institute. When Kneaders approached me about being involved with this campaign I knew I couldn't say no! I am thrilled to be a part of something is amazing and this big! What they are doing and supporting is absolutely life changing. 

No matter who you are, cancer is impacting a friend, family member, coworker, or child in your community. Regardless of how the disease attacks, the struggle to fight and survive remains the same.  So join Kneaders in their unique mission to help find a solution to childhood cancer. They "knead" your help! A little hope can have a BIG impact. For more information head to




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