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Shine Cosmetics Review...

Hi! Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share a bunch of beauty products I have been loving lately from Shine Cosmetics and share my honest review of them!

I don't know about you, but I love finding out about new beauty products that I have been missing out on. I love getting recommendations from others and trying out new things!

Above is a photo of all the products I received from Shine Cosmetics in their package. Below is what they look like outside of their package. First off I love how sleek the packaging is! It looks so classy and I love the all black look. 
One thing I am super impressed with is the story behind the company. They have such a positive message and are such amazing people. I love that they promote a good clean message. Don't get me wrong, I love tons of name brand beauty products, but it can be a little awkward trying to explain the name, "better than sex mascara" to young girls. To read more about what motivated to start such an amazing company you can read more here.

Now lets start the review!
Lets start with lip products shall we? From left to right are the shades: Lively, Dedicated and Strive. I love the consistency of their lip glosses. They are not sticky and I have noticed that I haven't had to reapply this gloss as frequently as others I have used. 

I was even impressed with the color pay off of the light pink shade, Dedicated! I thought it would be super sheer, almost like a gloss to go over lipstick, but it was super pigmented! It is the absolute best baby pink color, and is actually one of their best selling colors.
Here are all three shades swatched. The color Lively and Strive both have some sparkle to them. Glitter is not something I normally jump at in lipgloss, but I actually thought they looked super pretty on!
I have been really loving lipsticks lately! I have worn both these colors multiple times. I love how bright Curious is! It was my favorite summer pink. Wearing the Lively gloss over this lipstick looks fabulous as well!
I loved wearing Believe as well. It actually compliments so many different colors. I have worn it countless times. You can also see what it looks like in my new Feminine post, as well as this fun summer shoot! The lipsticks both have a matte finish, which I didn't actually mind! A lot of times my lips tend to feel really dry with lip products that are more matte, but I didn't feel like my lips were the Sahara Desert.

Shine has some of the best brow products I've ever used! I have never used any brow products with fibers in them, but this is something I need that i will be using till its gone! I have super sparse brows, so I love that it helps fill them out and give them a thicker look.
I did recently just have my brows microbladed, but since my scabs have fallen off, I am waiting for my touch up. So I have had to fill them in in a couple areas that need a little touch up. This has been my go to! (you can also read more about microblading in this post.)

Right now in the fiber brow they have two colors: Integrity and Refine.
Integrity is the lighter color, and Refine is definitely a darker brown. Since there isn't a huge range of colors, I did mix them a little bit to get a sort of in-between shade. Even though I have blonde hair, I like the look of darker brows. So I usually fill them in a little darker to help give my eyes and face definition.
They also have a powder brow kit. Since I do have more sparse brows this wasn't the kit for me. It didn't fill in my sparse areas as I would like. I tend to lean more toward a pencil, pomade or the fiber brow. But I did use the powder kit to set my brows a couple times, as well as highlight. I also love the range of colors in the kit.
They have two kits with different shades as well: Integrity (the lighter kit), and Refine (the darker kit.)

Since we are talking about eyes, we will continue on that road! Next is the Fiber Mascara and the Focus Eyeliner. Both are jet black in color.

 It was my first time trying any fiber mascara. As far as fiber mascara's go, I probably wouldn't use it on a regular basis. I know it is used to thicken and lengthen lashes to give the appearance of fuller lashes. I use Babe Lash, which is an eyelash serum, and it helps thicken and length my lashes. Adding the fiber almost felt heavy on my eyes, or too thick. So I used just the Shine mascara alone most of the time. 

I did like Shine's mascara. I loved how it separated my eyelashes perfectly, as well as applied evenly and black. There is nothing I hate more than applying mascara and having it be clumpy, so I was super impressed with this mascara by its self.
As far as the eyeliner goes I am not a huge user of anything but liquid liner. I like how I can apply it precisely and give it a wing. I am a big believe in winged liner and sometimes it flies away from me if I let it.

I did use the Focus Eyeliner on more casual days and sort of blended it out with a brush. It gave a great smokey look and I was actually really impressed with how black it was. Everyone needs at least one good black eyeliner and this Focus Eyeliner is it!

When it comes to eyeshadows I feel like I am pretty boring and neutral. I like browns, blacks, and creams. My everyday look is a smokey eye with a winged liner. It is what I know how to do. I am not a makeup guru by any means, and I should probably learn a couple more looks, but I feel like if you have perfected a look, rock it!
I really like Shine's range in colors of eyeshadow. I am not super experiences in pigments, so it was a little difficult for me to apply, but the colors absolutely pop! I got Divine and Calm. They are so creamy and pigmented! So a smaller beauty company I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of their products!

Lastly is their BB Cream. This was the perfect product for summer. I love how light weight it feels on my skin, but it gives. a lot of coverage! It felt like I had nothing on my skin, but seemed like it could be full coverage! I love products that pack a punch like this!

This is Shine's lightest shade, Awaken. Even though it was summer, lets be honest, I was pretty white. I guess that is what working in doors will do to do!

I love how easy it was to blend this product out, and it had the perfect velvety powder finish! They have a wide range of colors that can work for all skin tones!
Overall I have been so impressed with all of Shine Cosmetic products! I can't wait to try more!
I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you give some of these products a try!
If you have any questions about any of these products or my review leave me a comment or shoot me an email!



*Thank you Shine Cosmetics for supplying me with all these amazing products!



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