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Casual Summer Tee With A Flair...

TOP: Amara Fashion Boutique c/o / PANTS: ASOS / SHOES: Target / BAG: Sole Society / WATCH: Daniel Wellington / BRACELET: Charming Charlie's / LIPS: Abu Dhabi by NYX

This darling top from Amara Fashion Boutique has been one of my favorite tops this summer. I love the orange color and how it adds a certain amount of flair to the "casual" outfit. 

I am trying to hold onto summer as long as possible and wearing all the summer colors before fall hits us! I have already been so tempted to jump into fall since Bath & Body Works has released their fall scents. I am a sucker for them.

Summer has always been such a fun time for me. It always meant, vacations, camping trips and endless summer nights as a kid. I will definitely be missing all the snow cones, but I can't wait for all the fall fashion! (...and all the pumpkin things that come with.)

I am sad August is coming to a close, but thrilled to celebrate my birthday! Birthdays were always a huge event in my family. We celebrated all week and it was so fun! I can't wait to celebrate all weekend! 



*thanks Amara Fashion Boutique for providing this top!

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