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8.31.13: Our Wedding Day...

On August 31, 2013 Colin and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. It was such a special day for both of us. Definitely the best and happiest day! Everyday since then has made me love him even more. 

I remember my face hurt by the end of the night from smiling so much. I have never felt such joy. I remember looking at him when we were pronounced husband and wife and thinking "I get to spend forever with him? I am so lucky!"

There were so many crazy things that happened leading up to our wedding. Lots of them good and a few road bumps a long the way. Let me tell you about one of the biggest road bumps leading up to the wedding. Colin and I got married pretty fast. When you know, you know. Am I right? We went on our first day April 10, 2013, Got engaged June 23, 2013 and got married August 31, 2013. I just couldn't wait to steal his last name.

When Colin and I first met I had suuuuper dark long hair. It was really long and almost black. Crazy right? I am naturally blonde and decided I wanted to go a little lighter for my wedding; to try and get "back to my roots." I know its hard returning to blonde when you have such dark hair. So I told my hair dresser that I had been going to for years, "I know I have such dark hair, but I just want to go a little lighter for my wedding. I know its really hard to go blonde when you're dark, so I'm fine if its not blonde."

Once she was done coloring she said, "I probably just need to take a little bit off the ends since we colored your hair today, I want it to be healthy!" Sounded good to me! Keep in mind, I had super long hair, almost to my butt. So she started cutting, she also started in the back. By the time she reached the front my hair was to my shoulders!!! I remember the panic in my mind. She cut off my hair. ALL of my hair, and I had planned to wear my hair down. 

Once she was done I was devastated. I cried the whole way home and when I got home.

I was hung up on it, then realized, "you know what? I'll deal with it, I'll wear it up and it will be fine! It will still be the best day ever." And that is exactly what it was! There were a couple other mishaps a long the way, but it ended up being the best day we could have ever imagined! 

And guess what? I didn't even think about how short or the color of my hair once that day. My mind was completely on my husband. It could have rained the entire day, and at the end I'd still be married to my best friend. So let me share what made it so special!

*be prepared to relive my wedding day with a million and one photos.
Our ceremony was at 9:00 am and of course I woke up at 6:30 in the morning so I could get my hair done and be ready and at the temple in time. I remember it driving with my parents to the temple and thinking, "this is the day. After all the months of planning it's finally here. I'm getting married!"

We had our reception at The Old McMullin House. I knew I wanted to have gray and yellow colors and everything else came together pretty nicely. I look back on my reception and I feel like if I did it now it would be totally different. My taste has completely changed. But August 31, 2013 was our day. It was our reception and everything that happened made it special. If I just have one memory from that day it was how happy we both were.
We had snow cones with ice cream and fruit kabobs as refreshments at our wedding reception. I remember leaving and being so sad (and starving) because I didn't get to even eat anything we had at our reception! Besides the piece of cake we shoved in each others faces.

I danced with my dad and Colin danced with his mom. I remember thinking it was super tender they both cried a little. He is the sweetest man, and I am so lucky to have him.

I am super particular about music, so I created our own playlist. I wanted it to be something we loved. Here is our playlist that played at our reception:

We were sent off with sparklers and of course our car was covered in streamers and writing.
It was such an amazing day filled with love and happiness. I wish I could relive it over and over. We have seriously been blessed with such a happy and fun marriage. No one makes me laugh harder than he does. He is truly my best friend. Happy Anniversary Handsome.

5 Tips When Planning Your Wedding:
1. Don't stress over the little things on your wedding day. It is important to enjoy your day and really focus on what matters, you and your spouse. Like for instance I didn't end up having my dream hair, but I rolled with it and figured it wasn't a big enough deal about to ruin my special day.

2. When you start planning your wedding use Pinterest. Pinterest has so many amazing ideas now! If you have no idea what you want this will give you ideas on colors, bridesmaid outfits, etc. It will also help shape and refine your wedding if you already have a vision.

3. Don't compromise. Everyone will be giving you ideas on what you should do, what foods/refreshments you should have, where you should have your reception, etc. If you have a vision don't compromise because someone else wants something. It is your day and it should be filled with all the things you want.

4. Make sure you have comfortable shoes. You are going to be walking all day long and standing in line for a long time. Make sure you are wearing comfy shoes, or bring a pair to change into. Or go bare foot, that's fine too.

5. Photography is key. I would recommend spending a little extra money on a good photographer and videographer because that is what you are going to have after the reception is over. Photos bring back all the memories of that day. I wish I would have spent a little more and gotten a videographer. I love looking back and seeing all the photos. It reminds me how happy and beautiful our special day was.



Bridal Photography: Lindsey Shaun Photography
Wedding Day Photography: Benjamin Allred
Reception Venue: The Old McMullin House
Wedding Dress: Allure
Colin's Suit: Express
Bridesmaids Skirts: Mikarose
Bridesmaids Shirts: H&M
Groomsmen Ties: Tie One On


  1. Beautiful pics and happy anniversary! Great wedding planning tips! I got married before Pinterest became mainstream and I so wish I had it as a resource! I also remember being starving at the end of one of our receptions!

    1. Thank you so much! I know dang it! Pinterest is amazing for these kind of things! isn't that the worst?? You just get so busy you don't even think about eating!