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DRESS: ASOS / SHOES: ASOS / LIPS: Kiss For A Cause from Bailey 

I am officially 24 today! I absolutely love birthday months! August is my favorite month, not only because of my birthday, but it is my favorite summer month as well as my wedding anniversary month! I absolutely love to celebrate any holiday or event and go all out! (ask my husband and he will tell you all about it) So of course we had to do a fun photo shoot. Best Instagram husband award goes to Colin. I drag him everywhere and he is such a good sport.

How fun is this cute Cents of Style Wall though? It is one of my favorite places to go for any sort of fun photos! I am a big lover of walls and floors. If there is a cool wall or floor, I am there! Of course I had to get some confetti and the perfect dress. I got this sequin dress last year from ASOS for New Years and I didn't end up using it. But having a dress like this stored away in your closet is perfect for occasions like this! I like an excuse to dress up!

I thought I would share 24 facts about me and all my favorite dresses for special occasions!

1. I have been married for 4 years to a seriously handsome man who puts up with all my shenanigans! We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple and it was probably the best decision I ever made!

2. My favorite color is blue, even though I do love all things pink.

3. My favorite movie all through high school was Hot Rod. Still love it.

4. Mark Wahlberg is my celebrity crush. He is my man! I will probably see any movie he is in, just because he is in it.

5. I am a dental assistant. I have been assisting for 3 years.

6. I absolutely love to wear a red lip. It is my all time favorite color to wear.

7. I have always wanted to have suuuuper dark hair. I died my hair dark a couple times and loved it! But my family didn't, so I haven't died it dark since. I also experimented with red and blue hair in high school...I wish I had pictures! (I'll have to look for some)

8. I use to really be into sports growing up. I would do softball, basketball and track every year!

9. I have played the piano since I was 7 and took lessons for 13 years. It is something I am super passionate about and one day hope to have a grand piano!...or baby grand.

10. I love love love to read! Nothing sounds better to me than curling up with some hot chocolate and a good book.

11. I love Christmas. All things Christmas! If I could have my Christmas tree up all year round I totally would, and Christmas lights. Because there is nothing dreamier!

12. I am dying to go to Greece! It is #1 on my travel list!

13. I have brown eyes and naturally dirty blonde hair. Yes I dye my hair blonde, and yes I have extensions.

14. Colin and I met on Tinder. Our first date was to a concert. We went and saw 'A Day To Remember' and 'Of Mice & Men.' 'Of Mice & Men' was my favorite band at the time...Most people are surprised by my music choices!

15. My favorite treat are chocolate covered cinnamon bears. It is absolutely dangerous to have those in our house! They go way too quick!

16. My dream car is a Range Rover, and I keep trying to convince my husband that we need one of those in our lives.

17. I love painting my nails. I paint them probably about once a week and I only use Essie. I'm a nail polish snob in that way. I use to always cut my nails super short. They only way I can grow them out and keep them long is if they are painted. So painted they stay!

18. I believe in being happy! and that "being happy never goes out of style." It is the quote I live by!

19. I have one sister that is 17 months younger than me. Her name is Emily and she always get mistaken as my twin.

20. My mom is probably the funniest person you will ever meet. No joke. If you ever want a good laugh look her up on Instagram: @jb.mom.snaps

21. Peonies are my favorite flower! And I love to have fresh blooms in my house whenever I can! Especially when Colin brings them home for me!...like he did today! It is my favorite surprises.

22. Speaking of surprises, there is nothing I love more than surprises.

23. I am obsessed with stationary and cards. Whenever I am getting a gift for someone picking out the card is my favorite part. The Paper Source is my go-to. I could spend hours reading them all!

24. Netflix. I am really good at Netflix. But who isn't right? So lets be friends and watch it together!

Here are some of my favorite dresses for special occasions and parties!:





  1. Happy birthday! Gorgeous pictures! I also love paper source and stationery and would love to be a dental assistant one day when my kids start school!

    1. Thank you so much Jen! Stationary is my jam! I hope you purse that option! Dental Assisting is pretty fun!

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