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EVER Skin Care Review...

I have always had super oily and sensitive skin. So I have had to be careful with the products I use on my face. When I was younger I would get lots of breakouts no matter what I did. I got on medications that dried me out and stopped my breakouts. Ever since my oily skin has come back (not as severe), but I usually get breakouts around my time of the month. So I usually have to take really good care of my skin and use good quality products on it.

Memorial Day Sales...

SKIRT: Rebecca Taylor / SHIRT: Old Navy (old, similar here & here) / SHOES: ASOS / NECKLACE: Forever 21 (similar here) / BAG: Kate Spade (sold out, similar here & here) / LIPS: Perfect Red by NYX

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you have had a long weekend and do something fun! Thank you to all those who have fought for our country and sacrificed so much so we can have these freedoms.

Colin and I went and saw the new pirates with our family, and went for the most relaxing and fun Sunday drive yesterday after church. Today I got to sleep in and now I am going to be browsing all the wonderful Memorial Day sales! Here are a few of my favorites!

The Perfect Floral Blazer & Olive Joggers...

Last week we were in the 80's and now the temperature has dropped back down into the 50's. So this floral outfit is perfect for the colder spring days until the warm weather is officially here to stay!

I bought this floral blazer back in the fall because I knew it would be a staple piece for my spring wardrobe. I had a vision to wear it with olive joggers and I love how it turned out! it took me forever to find the perfect pair of joggers to pair with it, but luckily I found them on Tobi. This is the first pair of joggers I have ever owned and I am sold on them! They are seriously cute pajama pants. I am sure I'll be rocking these all summer.

Being a fashion blogger sometimes outfit ideas in my head turn out differently when they are on or when I see them in pictures. After my wonderful photographer (my handsome husband) did this shoot and I was editing them, I loved every single photo! The outfit turned out exactly as it had in my mind.  As a blogger it is very satisfying to see!

Striped Bell Sleeves...

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I am so glad that we get to celebrate our moms once a year. Even though I am so thankful for my mom everyday! I'm not a mom yet, but I want to be exactly like her when I am one.

Bell sleeves have been a huge trend this spring and I have been all over them! When I saw this striped top from Tobi I knew I had to pair it with my favorite pencil skirt. It is a little long in the sleeves for me, but nothing hemming them can't fix. 

I also paired this outfit with my favorite necklace I have been wearing close to every day. I originally saw it on Katey McFarlan and instantly fell in love. I haven't been a huge fan of the choker trend, just because I don't love having something around my neck that tight. But this necklace from Bauble Bar is my exception. It fits perfect and it can dress up any outfit.

Finals week is over for my husband and things have finally started to relax. Until he starts classes again. We usually try to have a date night every week, usually on Fridays. This week we went and saw 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' and I loved it! Well, I mostly loved Baby Groot. He is darling. Colin said, "if I had a dollar for every time you said you loved Baby Groot during the movie I probably could have paid for everyones movie." We finished the night off with getting Chip Cookies. If you are in the Utah County area, or Salt Lake county area (on Fridays and Saturdays), then you need to get your hands on some of these cookies. They come fresh out of the oven and they deliver to locals until 2:00 am!

I also am back in the blonde club. I have some exciting hair things coming in the next couple weeks that I can't wait to share with you!

Mint Flutter Sleeve Lace Dress...