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TiScrubs: Life As A Dental Assistant...

As many of you may know I am a dental assistant. As a dental assistant my outfits consist of scrubs. Which are basically the pajamas of the work place. So I always thought I was super comfortable...until I found out about TiScrubs! (pronounced "Tee-Eye Scrubs") They are like the silk pajamas I always wish I had.

Not only are they super comfortable they come in a variety of colors and are going to be releasing more soon! I like my scrub tops a little longer than the one pictured and they are coming out with new tops that are a little longer. Yay!

TiScrubs started making them in 2012. They wanted to transform regular cotton scrubs and design them for the active and busy life of those who will be wearing them. Of course they are not only for dental assistants, they are for all healthcare professionals who need some amazing scrubs! I love that they have an athletic inspired design. 

TiScrubs donates a portion of all their proceeds to TeamSmile, a non profit organization dedicated to using the power of professional sports teams to help children in the U.S. who have never seen a dentist get the care they need. TeamSmile has also partnered with over 40 sports organizations from the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, and MLB! You can read more about their story here.

Not only am I obsessed with their scrubs, I love the fact that buying and wearing these scrubs helps children in need. Because I know how important dental work is, especially to kids. 

So if you need some new scrubs I promise you will LOVE TiScrubs.



*This post is brought to you by TiScrubs



  1. You look amazing! They look so awesome on you! Not like the boxy scrubs I see everywhere else!

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