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Things To Do In Las Vegas: Neon Boneyard...

DRESS: H&M / BAG: SheIn / SUNGLASES: Karen Walker / SHOES: Forever 21

The weekend in Vegas was so much fun! It was the best little get away for us. One thing I absolutely loved was the warm weather. 80 degrees never felt better! (accept when we were in the blazing sun for a few hours)

We decided to go to The Neon Museum and visit their "boneyard", after we got a recommendation from a friend. I loved it. When we go on trips I absolutely love going to see places like it. It had a ton of history and stories of the old Las Vegas and their signs. 

They were so dreamy and I wish I could see them on! They didn't have any ticket for the evening so we went during the day, and it was still wonderful. My absolute favorite signs were the 'Moulin Rouge' sign and the 'Stardust' sign. Both amazing!

Also I linked the details of my outfit. I got so many questions and compliments on it. It definitely was super comfortable and perfect for a day in Vegas.


After we went to The Neon Museum during the day we went and saw The Backstreet Boys that night. Dream come true?? Yes. All my childhood dreams were fulfilled. It was phenomenal and Colin even enjoyed himself. I hope you guys got to catch some of my Instastories! 

Did you do anything fun this weekend?




  1. SO JEALOUS YOU SAW THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!! And went to the neon museum, I'm dying to go there!

    1. it was SO much fun!! I hope you get to go because it was seriously such a neat place to visit!

  2. So jealous you went to the Neon Boneyard! I've been DYING to go!

    Rachel /

    1. It was such a cool place! Loved all the signs! I hope you get to go!

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