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Smile Brilliant Giveaway!: Professional Teeth Whitening At Home...

I use to bleach my teeth a lot when I was in high school and had really white teeth. Since then they have dulled a little bit. Being a dental assistant my teeth are very important to me. When Smile Brilliant contacted me about collaborating and trying out their kit I was so excited! I had my own trays, but couldn't wait to get brand new custom-fitted teeth whitening trays, since mine are quite old. I definitely needed some new ones.
The first step is taking impressions for your trays. 

First, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly. You want them clean for the impressions.

To take the impression mix the 'catalyst' and the 'base' paste together for about a minute.

Place the paste into the tray until its full. Place the tray in your mouth, making sure it is centered and seated all the way in your mouth. It takes 2 minutes to set up.

After you are done with the impressions, you mail them back so they can make your trays.
You should have them back within a week!
When I got my trays back I immediately started whitening! 

To whiten your teeth place a small little dot on the front of each space so it will sit on your teeth correctly. Don't add too much otherwise it will seep onto your gums and cause them to be irritated, or 'burn'.

You can whitening your teeth for up to 3 hours (a day) while in the tray. A tip the dentist I work for gives our patients is to whiten one hour in the morning and one hour at night if you have the time. I usually try to leave it in as long as possible (up to 3 hours) at night since I have work during the day.

I have pretty sensitive teeth if I over-whiten, and after using it everyday my teeth were starting to ache. So using the desensitizer gel in the kit was a life saver!

If you are like me and bleaching your teeth causes them to be sensitive, place the desensitizer gel into your clean trays and have them sit on your teeth for about an hour at a time. Or try whitening every other day.

To watch a tutorial on how to whiten and what to expect with the kit you can watch this video giving a testimonial.
Here is my before and after:
(Yes my lips were not as pick the day I took the after photo, but I tried to take the picture in the same spot with the same lighting.)
This is a very affordable at home teeth whitening system. Most in office dental visits for whitening can cost $500+. 

Whitening your teeth is also a very effective way to lighten/remove coffee stains or tobacco stains. 
Since I have loved my Smile Brilliant kit so much I am happy to be giving away a kit to one of you! 
The giveaway will go through April 25, 2017!

For a chance to win $139 credit to Smile Brilliant to receive your own kit!
The giveaway is open to the USA, UK, Canada and Australia residents.

You can also receive $15 off Smile Brilliant by using the code: prettypennyblog15

*Please enter by clicking on the 'enter the giveaway' link.*

Good luck! I'm so excited to be sharing this with you!



*This post is brought to you by Smile Brilliant

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