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Lets Get Real About This Skirt...

SKIRT: Rebecca Taylor (via The Real Real) / TOP: ASOS / SHOES: ASOS / BAG: Sole Society / SUNGLASSES: Target

Can we get real real about this skirt for a minute? I saw it last year on Rachel Parcell and absolutely loved it! The detail on the bottom people! Then I found out the price...and it was well past $200. Since I don't have $200 to spend on a skirt every other week, I figured that wasn't going to be happening any time soon. I of course kept my eye on it and had it on 'sale alert' on Shop Style. Once it went on sale it was still pretty pricy and of course they had to be out of my size, and shortly after it completely sold out. The skirt I fell in love with definitely was out of sight.

Now on to the good news! I don't know if I am way behind or just stumbled upon a pot of gold (wink wink), but have you ever heard of 'The Real Real'?! They have tons of designer clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc...for super affordable. It makes my wish list attainable.

So on a whim I decided to look and see if that skirt was on their, even though it had been a year. It was definitely on there! The Rebecca Taylor pencil skirt that was originally well over $200 I got for $80!!! $80!! Steal of a deal! (I know they still have a size 6 on the site if you are interested. You can shop it here.) 

Mine came with all the tags still attached and the best part about buying from The Real Real is that everything is 100% guaranteed authentic.

This post is not sponsored in any way I just wanted to share this good find and the success I've had with it! I hope this helps you in some way and you get lucky and find something you've been dying to get from The Real Real! It is definitely worth a shot.

Also...this bag! It is a total knock off of this YSL bag that I got from Sole Society. I love it oh so much, and it is under $100! So if you need a spring bag...this is your bag!




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