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How To Style A Nightstand...

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After a year of living in our very first home we finally got nightstands! I just hope it doesn't take us another year to get lamps...Since it has been so long I have had quite awhile to decide how I want to style them. I have gotten a lot of ideas off of Pinterest and I am excited to share a few of my favorite tips and ideas:

1. A flower arrangement is the perfect addition to any nightstand or dresser. It adds a pop of color to any room and gives a dash of class. I love having fresh flowers throughout my home.

2. A painting (or mirror) gives a perfect background for a nightstand. I think without something behind your nightstand setting it tends to look a little empty. I found this darling floral painting through Lena Navarro Art and fell in love! It has a vintage look with the perfect feminine hint. I love all things floral and it is something my husband would approve of as well, which is a plus!

3. This 'oh la la' dish is perfect for a nightstand. I always tend to put jewelry or my chapstick on my nightstand at night. It is the perfect holder so it doesn't scatter in the middle of the night when I'm trying to look for it. Plus, isn't it so cute!? I am a lover of all things pretty.

4. I have always had a thing for Diptyque candles. I have been waiting to get a nightstand so I can put one of these beauties on top of the 'coffee table books' I plan to have on my nightstand. I am a frequent candle burner and the prettier the better I say!

5. These brass pulls are the ones we purchased to put on the front of our nightstands. Nothing a little DIY can't fix! We have a lot of gold accents throughout our home and these are the perfect addition! We ordered them from Amazon and they are by far the cheapest I have found. They are almost 13 inches and are the perfect size for the drawers of our nightstands. 

6. I have been holding out for the IKEA Malm 3 drawer chest since we moved into our house last year. They stopped carrying them for awhile and finally got them back in stock! I am super picky about home decor and couldn't find nightstands I liked near as much because there was always something that didn't quite go with what I had planned in my head. I can't wait to show you the finished product! There are so many IKEA hacks on Pinterest and you can do so many different things with the Malm series! It is a definite way you can may affordable look glam.

7. Does any one else love blue and white vases? Or is it just me? I have three different vases in my living room/entry way. They look beautiful with flowers in them as well as by themselves or stacked upon books. My go to place for blue and white vases has always been Home Goods, but this one on Amazon has stolen my heart.

8. Of course a nightstand wouldn't be complete without a lamp, and I have all the heart eyes for gold table lamps. Target and Home Goods always have the best supply! I have seriously missed having a lamp and I can't wait to find a cute addition to our room. 

9. Books, or 'coffee table books', as they are frequently known as, are the perfect addition to any table. They add color and texture. Can you guess what is beneath the cover of this Glamorous Rooms book? The cutest leopard print!  I can't wait until this is sitting next to my bed.

10. A fuchsia Yves Saint Laurent book? Yes please! Definitely a colorful addition to any room, and perfect for my nightstand vision.

11. This chic Tom Ford book is at the top of my wish list. It is also one of the more expensive books on my list. I have found the cheapest prices are on Amazon! I have looked into buying a preowned book, because most of them are in good condition and definitely a fraction of the price! There is nothing wrong with buying used books and I highly recommend looking for used ones especially if they are going to be used as decor.

12. This Valentino book is so darling!...and pink! You all know I have a thing for pink things. It is one of the many books on my long list of coffee table books to get. Plus who doesn't love some Valentino? Rockstuds anyone?

To give you more of an idea of what all this looks like put together, here are a few of the images I have gathered inspiration from:





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