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Top Memories From 2016...

Going to San Fran for the first time! Colin was away on an Apple training trip for 3 weeks so I went out for one weekend to visit him in San Fran. We saw so many cool places and ate the best food! It's safe to say I'm already planning our trip back.

We moved into our very first home! This was a big one for us this year. We bought our very first home in Herriman and I still say "I love our house!" everyday. We built through Edge Homes. The experience we had we so easy and everything went so smoothly! My dream of having white cabinets came true. I loved building and I can't wait to continue living our life in our new little home.
See all the details HERE.

My sister Emily got engaged & married this year! It was so fun and exciting! Plus Kam is the perfect fit for our family and I'm pretty sure Colin and Kam have become best friends. We have so much fun doing things as the four of us. This is probably my favorite blessing from this year.
See engagement & bridal video HERE.

I threw my sister such a fun bachelorette party! This was probably my favorite and best party I've ever thrown. It was a lot of work, but the turnout was amazing. I love any excuse for a party. Definitely a highlight from this year.
Full post HERE.

I went to The Lantern Festival for the first and second time in my life this year. If you want a real life Tangled experience this is it. It is so magical and beautiful. I would recommend checking the dates out HERE, and if it comes to a city near you I would not miss out!

I got my Heidi Gibson ring!! This is probably my favorite thing from 2016. I have been dying over Heidi Gibson's designs since I first spotted them. After 3 years of marriage I finally got my very own. Colin spoils me and I'm luck enough that he makes my dreams come a reality. I stare at it all day everyday and its been well over 6 months. I probably won't get over it any time soon.

I made this cake for Colin's 25th birthday. This cake was quite a project! I spent a whole day perfecting it and making it. I had an initial attempt but ending up throwing it in the trash because it completely fell apart! Then I made this masterpiece. It is not nearly perfect and I have no idea how to correctly drizzle a cake with chocolate, but I was so very proud of this cake and how it turned out. It is the only 'semi professional' looking cake I've ever made. I was so sick of cake and frosting after this day I could barely eat a piece when it came time to cut it.
I never did a post on it, but I should have!

We bought our own Christmas tree this year! And I am so in love with it. It's still up in my living room. I have always loved flocked Christmas trees and since we had our new home I really wanted to get our very own tree. We purchased it from Tai Pan and it is seriously a dream! I didn't end up decorating it this year because I honestly couldn't decide which colors I wanted. (hopefully by next year I'll be ready.) Luckily it is beautiful on its own.
If you're thinking about it I would recommend getting one fast and not waiting till Black Friday because they will all be gone. After we bought it I went back the next week to look for a wreath and all of our trees were gone! Tai Pan knows how to source trees.
See more photos of it HERE.

I had deviated septum surgery. This was probably the best thing I did for myself this year. I have never really been able to breath through my nose and trying to breathe through my nose while laying down wasn't possible. So I had deviated septum surgery two days before Thanksgiving. The best and worst idea. Couldn't really eat anything because I had no appetite and I was tired and sore, but now I can breathe! Two weeks after my surgery they removed splints that was holding my septum in place. Oh my! I never knew people could breath that well. If I would have known I would have done it years ago! It is literally a night and day difference.

Another wonderful year with my honey! Every year I spend with this hunk gets better and better. This year he started working for Arvo and it has been a huge blessing for him and for us. He has loved working with them. They are such amazing people. He has had so many amazing opportunities and experiences being a part of that team. We have made so many amazing memories and met such wonderful people. So excited for him and what 2017 can bring!

We started decorating our home! I say started because it isn't even close to being done. I am picky when it comes to furniture and decor. Plus the more we get settled the more I realize what does and doesn't work. So a couple things get switched now and again. I love decorating and it has been so fun! Can't wait to grow our little home and decor in 2017.

Thanks for making it a great year! So excited for 2017.



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