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Mahogany Bay...

After a week of being on vacation in The Caribbean (and a full week of no blogging) it is bittersweet to be back! I had such a wonderful time getting out of all this snow Utah dumped on us. I'm excited to share are travels with you. Our first stop was Isla Roatan, Mahogany Bay and boy was it beautiful! Here are some pictures and I'll tell you all about our adventures.

SWIM COVER UP: ASOS / SWIM TOP: Albion Fit / SWIM BOTTOM: Albion Fit / SUNGLASSES: ASOS (under $10) / SHOES: ASOS / NECKLACE: Made by Mary With Love

Hello! It feels good to be blogging again after a whole week off. I took a cruise to the Western Caribbean with my family and it was a wonderful retreat! Sometimes it is nice to take a break from reality and the winter weather.

Our first stop was originally suppose to by Grand Cayman, but the morning of it was really windy and overcast. The waves were bad enough that we were able to make it to the island because we would have to take a tender and the waves were too we ended up with another day at sea!

So Mahogany Bay became our first port on Wednesday. I loved how they had so many beautiful plants and greenery. I wish Utah could sustain palm trees, I would hoard them in my yard.

We started with a tour of the island on our way to the beach on West Bay. Honduras is so beautiful and colorful! I was obsessed with all the colorful houses.

Once we got to the beach Colin wanted to rent a jet ski. We didn't have any set plans besides relax on the beach, but he convinced me to take a spin with him on the jet ski...not the best idea.

I am TERRIFIED of open water. Especially the ocean. Because sharks.
So we speed out to the middle of the ocean on this thing as I am screaming my lungs out!
Let it be known that Colin also said that jet skis "are impossible to tip over." Because I was honestly afraid to end up in the water, in the middle of the ocean.

We only rented it for a half hour, and as we were speeding around I am not sure exactly what happened but IT TIPPED OVER and we ended up in the the middle of the ocean.

I can tell you I have never swam so hard in my life to get back onto the jet ski, even though it was probably only 5 feet away. Still, sharks. I kept telling Colin, "help! we are in the middle of the ocean!" Even though he couldn't have helped me...moment of panic.

We got back on and our half hour was over. My heart finally restarted and I was grateful to get back onto the sand (haha). 

We dried off and after awhile longer took a tour back to the ship around the other side of the island. The beach and island were absolutely beautiful! I wish I could have seen more of it, but I was pretty traumatized haha. 

Have any of you ever been on this cruise?
What excursions did you do? I would love to know!

I'll be posting our other adventures this week as well! So stay tuned.



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