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TUNIC: ASOS / SWIM TOP: Albion Fit / SWIM BOTTOMS: Kortni Jeane (black) / SANDALS: ASOS / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker (via poshmark)

Our third and final port we went to was Cozumel, Mexico. They day didn't start out that great, but it had the best ending! We got to the port and it was pouring rain! I was super nervous for our snorkeling excursion. We had to take a boat ride across the bay the get to Playa del Carmen where we were going to meet up with our tour guide.

The boat ride was the absolute worst! It took 45 minutes and we were battling pretty major waves. I don't usually get sea sick, but by the end I was super sick.

Once we {finally} got to the other side I was so excited to see land!
We started by snorkeling in Turtle Cove. It also stopped raining and warmed up, which made for the perfect weather. While snorkeling we saw so many turtles, fish and sting rays! It was such a neat and beautiful experience right off the shore.

After about almost an hour of snorkeling we grabbed a snack and headed to our next destination. We went to Cenote Dos Ojos and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. It was such crystal clear water, which was a little cold, but the cenote extended for miles. It was so cool to see scuba divers enter the cenote and exit from the other side. You can see the tours and pictures HERE. If you ever are in Mexico definitely go to the cenote. It was a a favorite excursion of our whole group.

When we finished at the cenote we headed back to the beach and had lunch at a hotel/restaurant. I am obsessed with tacos. The fish tacos in Mexico are heaven. I have always heard good things, but never realized how good they really were. I am still craving them. They also had rice with this black bean sauce that was to die for. Why does food seem so much better when its out of Utah? I need some good recommendations for some yummy places in Utah I guess.

After our amazing experience snorkeling all day we had to head back to the ship on the same 45 minute boat ride we can in went so much better. If you ever find yourself stuck on a boat that is rocking look at the horizon! Someone gave me that advice and it totally worked. I guess it is because while everything else is moving the horizon stays constant. Happy travels!

Here is a sneak peak of the cenote, which you can find on their website:

We didn't get any photos snorkeling and only a few of the cenote with the GoPro. I wish we had our camera but we were spent most of our time in the water with a bunch of people around I didn't want to chance losing it. So here are our pictures from the GoPro:



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