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SWIM COVER UP: ASOS / SWIM TOP: Kortni Jeane / SWIM BOTTOM: Kortni Jeane / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker (via Poshmark) / SHOES: Urban Blue (aka hawaii sandals)

You better BELIZE that I am posting about our second port! I first must apologize...I only had my iPhone on me because I didn't want to chance bringing my DSLR and it getting wet. Little did I know that they had you put all your stuff in lockers. I ended up being pretty bummed that we didn't bring our camera because everything was so beautiful and GREEN.

For our second port we stopped at the beautiful island of Belize. Colin and I did the Cave Tubing excursion and it was amazing! It was about an hour drive into the middle of the jungle and it was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not kidding when I say if there weren't so many Jaguars in the jungle I would be moving in!

Speaking of Jaguars, I guess Belize has a protection over all the 'big cats' on the island. They can also roam free wherever they want to and aren't confined to any certain area of the island...there also were lots of them. We didn't end up seeing any in the jungle, but it still was crazy!

After we got to our destination they had us put all of our stuff away and get our water shoes on, as well as life jackets and helmets. They separated us into small groups of about 8 and we carried our tubes for about 15 minutes to get to the cave opening. 

We strapped all our tubes together and floated down the river through the cave for about 45 minutes. It was seriously so beautiful and they water actually felt so refreshing. 

We didn't get any good photos with out go pro in the cave, especially since it was so dark. (and most of the ones we had were a little blurry...we aren't pro go pro users.) We only had flashlights and our headlamps to see. But there were so many stalagmites and stalactites throughout the cave.  (This is the company the cruise ship went through and they have some pictures on their website.)

After our cave tubing experience we had Mayan tacos that were to die for! Seriously all the food we had on the islands were amazing.

I hope you can get a good idea of how green the jungle was! My iPhone photos don't do it justice, but it was amazing. I highly recommend cave tubing if you ever find yourself in Belize!



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