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A Fall Dress To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner...

DRESS: JessaKae (old, similar here & here) / SHOES: Copper Theory (similar here & here) / BAG: Charming Charlie (Kate Spade dupe) / LIPS: Birthday Suit by Tarte

Happy weekend! I love having a break from the week, but the weekends always seem to go by way too fast! 

I wore this dress last Sunday to church and I can honestly say I am surprised I haven't worn it more! I bought it last year from JessaKae and have hardly worn it. It is so flattering and it is made of the softest material. Almost velvet like. I love the dark floral pattern as well! It makes it perfect for this time of year!

This is my third Thanksgiving look. It is a more dressy look,  but not too over the top. Sometimes it is nice to dress up a little for Thanksgiving dinner. The wonderful thing about this dress is that you can dress it down as well! Add a hat and a denim jacket and voila! The perfect fall outfit!

Since this floral dress has since sold out, I wanted to link a few of my favorite floral dresses that are very appropriate for fall! 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and travel safely this next week for Thanksgiving!




The Confetti Sweater You Need For Thanksgiving...

SWEATER: Target / PANTS: ASOS / BOOTS: Jane.com (similar here) / BAG: Charming Charlie / SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker / EARRINGS: Charming Charlie (similar here) / LIPS: Birthday Suit by Tarte

Here is my second outfit to wear to on Thanksgiving! I have been loving 'winter whites'. Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?

Since I have been loving this sweater from Target, I have been wearing it non stop! Does anyone else wear the same outfit/sweater a million days in a row when they find something they love so much? I really need one in every color. 

An oversized sweater and over the knee boots are a great, easy way to dress for the holidays. You can also wear this with ankle boots, or a cute jacket if it is a little chilly! Anyone else exciting for all the delicious food next week?

This year we are spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws. We switch off every year with each others families and it is always so fun! What are you all doing for the holidays? 




Fall's Favorite Moto Jacket...

TOP: Suitable You / JACKET: Old Navy (on sale for $48) / PANTS: ASOS / BOOTS: Forever Young Shoes (similar here) / BAG: Charming Charlie / SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban / LIPS: Birthday Suit by Tarte

We are almost to the weekend and I couldn't be more excited! I wanted to post this outfit I shared a little while ago on Instagram. This Moto jacket has been my absolute favorite jacket this season. I have worn it at least once a week since I have gotten it. I feel like it goes with so many pieces in my closet. It is the softest faux-suede and is SO comfortable! (It is also available in Burgundy, and is on sale for $48!)

As we are getting ready for Thanksgiving I wanted to share a few outfits this week that would be appropriate to wear on Thanksgiving. This is definitely something I would wear to Thanksgiving dinner. This jacket definitely gives me the fall vibes and I love wearing darker tones this time of year.

Can you tell this has been my favorite lip color as of late? Birthday Suit by Tarte is my ultimate nude color. It goes with just about every outfit and I find myself reaching for it time and time again. It has the creamiest texture when I apply it. It has a matte finish, but it doesn't feel drying. Once it is completely dry I still feel like it has an almost velvet/satin finish. I am very picky with matte lips and I could honestly wear this all day. It is not transfer proof, but it is one amazing lip product.

Getting ready for the holidays is always a busy time! It almost feels extra busy this time of year because Colin started a new job as well. So now he is working at a full time job, a part time job and going to school. He is a hard worker. I have also been doing Kayla Itsines BBG workout guide. I am on week 2 and going strong! I have only ever made it to week 5, but I feel extra motivated this time around. Wish we luck! Has anyone finished or done it before? If so, what are some of your tips and tricks?

I am going to be sharing my next outfit tomorrow! So stay tuned for another Thanksgiving outfit inspiration!




Traveling With Shopko: Kensie's New Look...

This post is sponsored by Shopko but all thoughts and opinions are my own! Thank you to Shopko for making this post happen!
Outfit details: in this blog post

I don't know if you saw my Instagram post about our traveling plans in January, but we are headed to Disneyland! We couldn't be more excited! It has been a couple years since we have gone, so we feel like we are very overdue for a visit!

While we have been planning our trip I have been wanting to get some new luggage. The last luggage I had, I got in high school. It was brown and it had turquoise polka dots all over it. It is safe to say I definitely needed some new luggage. I have been browsing for awhile and couldn't find anything I absolutely loved. When I saw this 3 piece luggage set by Kensie at Shopko it was love at first sight! I love the new look Kensie has and I am a huge fan of the hard shell.

It comes in 3 different colors: rose gold, silver and gold. Of course I went with the rose gold. I have always been a huge rose gold lover. When I got the luggage it was on sale for around $194 for the 3 piece set. Right now it is still on sale for $227! 

Let's also talk about the inside. It is all black with white writing on the inside. It is so chic! I love that it has a dark interior, so if there are any spills or messes of any kind on the inside it will hide it, and it is very easy to clean! You can view images of the inside by visit this link.

I was actually really surprised by the luggage selections that Shopko had! I really love this charcoal luggage from Shopko's new A&I brand. It would absolutely be perfect for my husband! Little does he know it might be coming his way!

If you aren't wanting the 3 piece set from Kensie, there are other options as well. They have a carry on size and a 17" piece that is perfect for fitting clothes, a laptop and shoes!

I don't know about you, but when I travel I like to be comfortable. No matter if we are on an airplane or in the car. So I wanted to include a few of my favorite traveling wardrobe pieces. My go to is a great sweater and a pair of jeans. I love this gorgeous turtle neck sweater and this tan sweater. They are both perfect for the upcoming colder months. This pair of jeans is so comfortable and will go with just about anything!

Along with my suitcase I like to bring along a carry on bag, or separate bag to put my laptop, books and snacks in. This satchel would be perfect for travel and I really love all the pockets it has for storage!

To see all my favorite travel necessities, wardrobe picks and favorite luggage check out my 'To Travel' board featuring all my favorite Shopko items!



Babbleboxx: Cold Weather Comforts...

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx, but all opinions and thoughts are my own!
When colder weather starts to hit I love to get all my cozy necessities. As it gets closer to snowy weather I wanted to share some of my 'cold weather comforts' with Babble Boxx.
My first cozy cold weather necessity is candles & lighters. I am always burning candles in my house 24/7. Not only do I love the smell but I love how it adds a homey/cozy feeling to your home. This Zippo Mini Flex Neck Candle Lighter makes lighting candles easy, especially when it burns down and is hard to reach. I love the bendable neck and that I can turn it any which way. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fellow candle lover!
I love buying new candles and scents with different seasons, and this Chesapeake Bay Candle smells phenomenal! Even my husband loves it, which is a huge plus! It is from their 'Mind & Body' collection. All the fragrances from this collection are enriched with natural essential oils and made with soy blend wax.

I love that the packaging feels super luxurious and that the scent fills my house, but isn't overbearing. I could burn this candle over and over and would never get tired of it!
I don't know about you, but there is nothing like a hot drink to warm you up in the cold winter months. Tea Forte has their annual collection of holiday teas! It includes 10 pyramid infusing teas in this 'Warming Joy Petite Presentation Box.' It is part of a collection that includes a larger presentation box, a Tea Chest, a Petite Tea Tree and Single Steeps-perfect measure single serve loose tea pouches.

It has so many different options in the box! I don't drink black tea, but I sure love the herbal teas in this collection! My favorite was the Spiced Ginger Plum herbal tea. It was delicious and it tasted like winter!

You can receive 20% off your Tea Forte order with the code: WJ20. This code is valid through 12/31/2017
If you didn't know this about me, I will tell you all now. I absolutely LOVE to read. It is my favorite way to unwind at the end of the day, and my favorite thing to do if I have a few extra minutes. I love discovering new books as well. This book 'Links' by Lisa Becker is a second chance romance novel that explores what happens when two high school classmates have a chance encounter after 15 years.

When it comes to romance novels I have the taste of a 16 year old girl. I am a sucker for a cute love story, so I can't wait to delve into this book! If you have any other book recommendations I would love some!
No matter what I do I always seem to get sick in the fall/winter time. These Stuffy Nose Strips are a life saver! Improve Breathing and receive instant drug-free relief of Nasal Congestion due to Allergies, Colds, Flu, Sinus issues deviated septums and snoring. PULLS Open Airways by Over 61% vs 30% for Traditional Nasal Strips that go over the Nose.

I use to always use these when I was a kid and had a cold. They work wonders! Because there really is nothing worse than not being able to breath at night when you have a cold. What are your cold remedies?
When I feel a cold coming on I usually like to add a little boost to help my immune system! I got sick years ago and ever since I have been more susceptible to it seems like almost everything! Zoganic is a great vitamin supplement that helps promote healthy immune system, and give me that extra boost I need.

I usually just add it to some water, but you can also add it to a smoothie if you don't want to taste it as much! My favorite is the orange flavor and it is delicious!
I had so much fun unboxing this BabbleBoxx and I have loved the goodies that are inside! I love getting cozy for winter and would love to know what your favorite things are to get cozy in the winter months!




Black Is The New Black...

SWEATER: Target / PANTS: ASOS / BOOTS: Target / BAG: Givenchy / HAT: H&M (similar here) / EARRINGS: Charming Charlie / LIPS: Birthday Suit by Tarte

Happy Monday! 
Recently I have just got into a relationship with the color black. I never use to have a lot of black clothing items, but I have really fallen in love with it this fall. I know I've talked a lot about Target lately. I have always loved Target, but lately I feel like they have been outdoing them selfs! 

When I bought a few new pairs of boots a couple weeks ago I saw these black buckled boots sitting on the self. I tried them on and reeeeeally loved them. I was debating whether or not to get them, so I decided to wait and check them out again the next time I went to Target. Because it is a weekly affair...

So when I returned on Saturday they only had one pair left! In the whole store. And it just so happened to be in MY SIZE! If that isn't a sign from the shoe gods I don't know what is...So I grabbed them right off the shelf and had to leave with them! I'll be honest, they remind me a little bit of Edward Scissorhands, but I absolutely love those buckles! They were calling my name. I also loved this pair from ASOS.

This sweater is also from Target, because they have all the best things right now. I love how it is speckled with different colors, and it has some glitter weaved through it, that isn't too overwhelming! Because I am not a huge glitter girl. It has so many colors throughout it that you can pair it with so many different colors combinations! So I paired it with these teal tassel earrings from Charming Charlie. I am determined to have a pair in every color. How have I not owned any until now??

Hopefully this gives you a little bit of black inspiration for your Monday!