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Do you remember my last post about 'My Overlays' here? Well I am back with another DIY overlay and a discount code! I absolutely love the idea of how easy it is to use overlays and the fact that they make any piece of furniture, mirror, etc. look amazing! 

This time instead of my dresser I put some overlays on our entertainment center. Here is what it looked like before:

A little boring and flat if you ask me. The overlays took literally 2 minutes to glue on using this glue. After they were on it looked completely different and added that certain 'umph!' This time I decided on the 'Harper Thick' overlays and left them white. I absolutely love them!

If you are interested in getting Overlays I highly recommend it! And you can use the code: "PrettyPennyGirl" to receive 15% off your purchase! It is the perfect time with Christmas right around the corner.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and make sure to head over to My Overlays to see what other overlay panels they have! {they can also do custom orders as well.}



This post is brought to you by My Overlays


  1. Beautiful Sara. I just stumbled across a tutorial where she was using my overlays and I was led to your site. Is there any other companies like my overlays? The night stands we got for 15$ a pair are a rounded shape I didn't really see anything that I could imagine being on the night stands. I don't really want to do broken mirror. I see it so much now. I see that my overlays does custom orders but they are closed right now for holidays. Could you suggest where I could look at patterns or different styles to have a custom overlay made. Thank you for sharing your home and DIY's with us.


  2. These are something even I can do!!!

  3. Beautifully decorated and so easy to do with the overlays. Thanks.

  4. Beautifully decorated and so easy to do with the overlays. Thanks.