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NYE Accessories...

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Happy {almost} New Years! I thought I would share a few ideas for New Years this year. I love that you can get so glammed up for New Years Eve. It gives me a good excuse since I don't have the excuse to go to school dances anymore.

This year I love the black, white and pink look. It reminds me of femininity, sparkling cider, and being perfectly chic. Even though I am going to be wearing all white {will share later this week}, these are the ideas that are floating around in my head.

Here are also a few of my favorite dresses for New Years Eve. There were too many to pick from to put on my style board, so I just decided to share them all with you!

Speaking of New Years...I will be attending Arvo's New Years Eve 'White Out' Party. It's suppose to be pretty spectacular. So if you are in Utah you should attend and we will meet up! 

Can't wait to share my New Year's Eve outfit later this week! What are your plans for New Years?



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