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My Home At Christmas...

I love decorating for Christmas. It is my all time favorite holiday of the year! This year we bought a brand new year for our home which was very exciting. We got it from Tai Pan Trading and they have a wonderful selection of trees! Especially flocked, since those are my favorite.

I didn't decorate my tree this year. I couldn't decide between 'winter whites' or the classic 'red, white and black.' So bare it has sat. Which is fine by me since I find it quite magical.

I found all those decorative trees for a steal of a deal at Target and Home Goods. They have a great selection. (I also picked up the gnome looking Santa at Home Goods as well.)

My favorite part of our decorations (besides our tree) has been our hot chocolate bar. Since my diet has gotten a healthy dose of hot chocolate this past month I decided to make a hot chocolate bar for easy access. 

I would love to hear how you all have decorated your house this year! Or what are your favorite Christmas decor trends of 2016?
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!



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