July 2016 | A Pretty Penny

Fresh Flowers...

Lately I have been obsessed with fresh flowers. I absolutely love the pop of color it gives as well as a classy look. Here are some fresh flowers I picked up at Trader Joe's! 

You might not know but I am a religious candle burner. In the sense that I am always burning candles in my home. Most of them are fromBath & Body Works because their scents are always amazing! Especially for fall. I picked up a new candle last week called 'Summer Boardwalk' and I honestly have been non stop burning it. It is Carmel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy apple and salted sweet cream. It might sound a little strange but it is that perfect summer carnival smell without being too sweet. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

What are some of your favorite places to get fresh flowers? And what are some of your favorite summer smells?


DIY Ikea Dresser Hack: My Overlays...



Things you will need:
-Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint
-Liquid nails
-My Overlay panels (I got the khloe overlay panels)
-Knobs to replace the Ikea knobs (optional)

The Overlay panels come in white. I got the Khloe Overlays and decided to spray paint them gold. I heard really good things about the Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint so I decided to go with that and absolutely loved  how it turned out. You might want to get 2 cans just incase. We spray painted a few other bits of furniture so I can't be exact about how many you will need. (We went through about 6 cans haha).

After the panels are dry (which they dry fairly quickly) It is time to glue them on! When I received the panels in the mail it came with instructions on how to apply them. (HERE) They recommended using the Liquid Nails 100% silicon adhesive LN-207. I picked mine up at The Home Depot, but they carry it at most stores (Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot...).

I got the panels from My O'verlays and the great thing about them is they have SO many different panels. They even have a bunch of panels pre made for a lot of the Ikea furniture; wth so many options! If you don't have any Ikea furniture you need overlayed they also take custom orders. You can even get them mirrored, which looks amazing! I really liked the Khloe kit, so that is what we went with, but they do have so many other designs.

I also really wanted to give my dresser a classier look by changing the knobs on it as well. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby. I found the similar ones at Anthropologie and World Market, but I would suggest checking Hobby Lobby because they are cheaper and they are usually having a sale. (Mine were 50% off!)

Before I glued the panels on I put all the knobs on to make sure I centered the panels. The glue also says it has a set up time of 6 hours, but the stick and you shouldn't have to worry about them falling off at all.

To glue them on I traced a thin line of glue all along the back of the panel (it was a bit tedious but I figured it would be worth it because I really want them to stay on.) I centered them and then pressed down all over it to make sure it was on there good. (If you accidentally get the glue on any parts of the dresser, just clean it with a tissue.)

Now I just can't wait to style the top! Once it is done I will do an updated dresser post.

happy crafting!



Vooray Duffle Bag...

BAG: Vooray / SHOES: Nike (similar here) / BRA: Target / SHIRT: Nike (similar here) / LEGGINGS: Nike (similar here)

I never knew I needed a fitness bag until I got this one. The Vooray Burner Sport Bag is seriously a very convenient lifesaver. I always take so much stuff with me whenever I go to workout somewhere other than home. I have to have water bottle, phone, keys, workout/yoga mat, a snack, occasionally my weights, my beats, the list is endless. Not only does this bag fit everything, but it has the perfect place for ALL of those things. Plus the pockets are so soft!

It has the perfect pocket for my phone and keys, it has a place I can store my shoes, which is seriously amazing. It also has stretchy bands on the side so I can store my workout mat and not have to awkwardly carry it. It literally fits everything I need with room to spare. 

Also it comes in a variety of colors that I am a huge fan of. I got the 'Red Floral' bag because I thought it was darling. 

It you have any interest in fitness I highly suggest checking out this amazing bag and amazing company. They are amazing! And their weekend duffel bag is the next on my list! Can't wait to take it to the Caribbean with me!