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10 Facts About My Husband...

I know its way past Valentines, but I sure love this guy. He is away in California on a training trip so I get to catch up on my reading list and blog. I also figured it was about time I posted something about him. So here are 10 facts about my Valentine husband:

1. He has a dimple in his right cheek that is possibly my favorite thing ever.
2. He loves wearing basketball shorts. If he could live in them I'm sure he would.
3. He served his mission in Sacramento, California.
4. He works as a Genius at the Apple Store...and is currently on a 3 week training trip...in California. {boo}
5. He loves all spicy food.
6. His favorite color is red. (hence the shirt in these pictures. just kidding.)
7. He is 6 feet tall. So I love wearing heels.
8. He has an obsession with Apple products and podcasts.
9. He usually always has some facial hair.
10. He could sell anything. If we need something sold or friends/family wants to sell something. He will have it sold on ksl/ebay/offerup by the end of the day. It's awesome!

Well he is basically my favorite and the best part of me. So I thought I should share some of the things that makes him so awesome. 



  1. I might steal this post idea from you!! Love it!!

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