February 2016 | A Pretty Penny

Trip To San Fran...

Next week I am flying out to California to visit my husband, and have a weekend trip to San Francisco! I am beyond excited. I absolutely love to travel and I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to see something new.

I would love it if you all gave me ideas of what to do in San Francisco while I am there. I have had so many awesome suggestions already, but would love all that I can get! If you have any favorite locations, places to eat, or sights to see I would love it if you would leave a comment and let me know! Thank you! I can't wait.

Also if you ever plan a trip to San Francisco I highly recommend getting this book. It is full of beautiful pictures, places to go and history on the unique town. I purchased mine here. Also the author of the book has an instagram account with awesome pictures as well. You can find her: @sfgirlbybay
Also her website: SFGirlByBay.com


10 Facts About My Husband...

I know its way past Valentines, but I sure love this guy. He is away in California on a training trip so I get to catch up on my reading list and blog. I also figured it was about time I posted something about him. So here are 10 facts about my Valentine husband:

1. He has a dimple in his right cheek that is possibly my favorite thing ever.
2. He loves wearing basketball shorts. If he could live in them I'm sure he would.
3. He served his mission in Sacramento, California.
4. He works as a Genius at the Apple Store...and is currently on a 3 week training trip...in California. {boo}
5. He loves all spicy food.
6. His favorite color is red. (hence the shirt in these pictures. just kidding.)
7. He is 6 feet tall. So I love wearing heels.
8. He has an obsession with Apple products and podcasts.
9. He usually always has some facial hair.
10. He could sell anything. If we need something sold or friends/family wants to sell something. He will have it sold on ksl/ebay/offerup by the end of the day. It's awesome!

Well he is basically my favorite and the best part of me. So I thought I should share some of the things that makes him so awesome. 


Pinterest: Home Office...

One thing you must know about me is I have an unhealthy relationship with Pinterest. I am on it 24/7. I pin while I'm watching TV, I pin while Colin is driving, while I'm laying in bed and even on my lunch break. 

Since I am an avid Pinner it gives me wonderful ideas for our home. It will be finished at the end of March (eek!) and I couldn't be more excited. I love the idea of a home office. I have been obsessed with all the beautiful ones on Pinterest. Of course I'm sure it will come later after we get the necessities. But here are a few of my Favorite:

Also hop on over to my Pinterest HERE to check out more of my favorite home decors.


Running With Moxyo...

SHIRT: Old Navy, old (similar here) / LEGGINGS: Target, old (similar here) / SHOES: Nike, purchased at Nordstrom Rack (not pictured, but they are the comfiest Running shoes i've ever owned.) / PHONE CASE: Moxyo / HEADPHONES: Moxyo

I use to be a really big runner in college. I would run when I was mad, stressed, wanted to workout, or had so much energy I could explode! In the past couple years since I've been married luckily my stress levels haven't been as high (haha) and I'm not as cranky towards my roommates for eating my food...so a lot less running has occurred. 

Lately I've been running again. Not because I need to get rid of some energy, but because I forgot how much I love it and how good it makes me feel. There is nothing better than hitting your goal or running that extra mile when you don't think you have it in you. I've been doing Whole30, which I absolutely love, and running has been a great addition.

If you have been struggling with motivation to workout or get active try a couple of my tips.

1. Buy a new workout outfit, or shoes. Being a woman there is nothing more motivating than wanting to try on a new outfit and workout in it. Truth.
2. Create a couple awesome playlists to get you pumped up. Music can definitely set the tone for your workout.
3. Find someone to go running/workout with you. It helps to have someone along for the journey and to push you to go the extra mile.
4. Have a plan or schedule. If you start structured and plan it out it will help you stick to it and not stray.

A couple things about my running: I have to have at least one article of clothing that is brightly colored or neon. I don't know about you, but bright workout clothes just speak to me. I have severed pairs of neon pink running shoes, and neon shirts. (Only if I could have all the nike shoes.) Secondly, I have to have music, at all times when it comes to any kind of working out. That is why good headphones and Spotify are must haves for me. Spotify is my best friend and has been for a long time. Recently I discovered one of my new favorite brands of headphones.

I always take my Moxyo headphones and phone case with me. I fell in love with all the Moxyo phone case colors and their headphones are phenomenal! They are perfect for jamming out and getting lost in the music while running. I have my music pretty loud while running and these have great sound quality for that. They are the best to go running with; especially since you can pause, skip, repeat all with the little button. Head on over to their site to check out all their gear!

And head on over to my Spotify playlist to see what I listen to while working out, and get some running inspiration while you're at it! 

What are your favorite ways to work out? 
Other Whole30er's out there, what recipes are your favorite?
What running shoes/workout gear do you recommend?


This post was a collaboration with Moxyo, but all opinions are my own.

"Flawed Perfectly..."

Lately I've been struggling with body image. As I'm sure every girl has some time in their life. But every time I wear this shirt it reminds me of how "flawed perfectly" I am. These words mean so much to me and I love the message BEcoming Threads promotes. It makes me realize all the things I count as flaws are what makes me ME, and even though sometimes I want to change those things I wouldn't be me without them. I love all those little flaws and I am so glad for this reminder of how we all need to love ourselves for who we are and not for who we wish we were. 


To get your own amazing reminder BEcoming Threads is offering 15% off the "flawed perfectly" shirt today and tomorrow! So check them out!

Gray & Lime...

SHIRT: H&M sold out (this shirt, but in lime) / SKIRT: H&M sold out (similar here) / SHOES: Forever 21 / NECKLACE: Stella & Dot / BRACELET: Stella & Dot / WATCH: Larsson & Jennings / BAG: Michael Kors / NAIL POLISH: Off The Shoulder by Essie

When I first bought this shirt I thought I really wouldn't like the lime color. Now it has become one of my favorite shirts to wear to add some color to my outfit. It is so important to have at least a few bold pieces in your wardrobe that pop! 

I also have been obsessed with Larsson & Jennings since I first spotted one of their watches on pinterest. It was possibly one of the most exciting mail days I have had for awhile! (besides Valentinos & Louboutins) I have been wearing it almost non stop since I got it. There is nothing like a good gold watch.

On the other hand, it's Super Bowl Sunday, and lots of good food has been eaten around here. I have been doing Whole 30 and it's rocked. I decided to give in for a few goodies this week. This dismay second go around with Whole 30 and I absolutely love it! It makes me feel so good and I forget why I don't eat this way all the time!

I hope Super Bowl Sunday is full of snacks, nachos and snapchats!


Ice Castles...

My family traveled up to the Midway Ice Castles this weekend. It was our first time going up there and it was AMAZING. They had the "Frozen" soundtrack playing the whole time and it was seriously magical. I honestly could have stayed all night and took pictures. 

If you are planning on going I would recommend arriving at 5:30 pm. It is the perfect time if you want to see the Ice Castles during the day as well as at night. Plus it isn't as busy at that time. 

All the castles started to light up and turn all sort of different colors! I loved every minute of it and I couldn't help but share LOADS of photos. It was too beautiful!