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Yesterday Colin and I went snowboarding. It was only the second time I have ever been in my life and it made me remember why. My sister's boyfriend got us free passes so we all decided to take a trip up to Sundance and go snowboarding.

The scenery was beautiful! I am a sucker for some good snow-covered trees. I kept 'oooing' and 'awwing' the whole way up there. 

As we strapped on all our gear and headed up the lift I started to get nervous. I didn't remember how to get off the lift. I was starting to freak out as we were nearing our stop. Of course the instant we hit ground, I ended up on the ground. 

So I scooted my way over to the side and hooked my other foot in. My sister and I decided to go together. I will say I made it down most of the hill. There were parts I was on my butt almost as much as I was on my feet. I was convinced every time I crashed that I broke something...luckily I didn't or my dentist would have a good laugh with his assistant try to suction with a broken arm. 

I am definitely feeling those falls today...

It was a day well spent with the best people. Not sure if I'll brave the hill again, but I thought you could use a good laugh.

Have you gone on any fun adventures yet in the New Year? 



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