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Hello 2016! I hope you all have been having a good 2016 so far.
Every year, like most everyone else, I create my goals for the year.
Sometimes I don't stick with them as well as I would like...

This year I have a few.

1. First off I LOVE to read. I have always been a book work and use to spend my summers reading away. I want to make more time for reading. It is like a therapy to me. There is nothing better than picking up a book and escaping for awhile. {so if you have any good suggestions, I would love if you would comment with your recommendations. Also if you are a fellow reader, follow me on Goodreads!}

2. Spend more {quality} time with my husband and less on my phone. I swear sometimes we say, "lets watch a movie and cuddle." Then 5 minutes into the movie we are both on our phones. I hate how reliant I have become on my phone and I really want to try and break that habit. I miss spending quality time with Colin and I'm gonna try to make him and us my #1 priority. Instagram can wait.

3. I would like to be healthier. Yes it is a recurring one, and I'm sure its on quite a few other people's lists. Last January Colin and I did WHOLE 30 and I loved it! I felt so good and energized, and it was great to know that I could eat basically as much as I wanted and it as good for me. I want to feel good. I have a secret love for all sweets that probably needs to simmer. 

4. I miss running. In college I would run whenever I was stressed or frustrated, which happened to be most days. So running was a release. I would just like to be active and make my body feel good.

What are your New Years Goals/Resolutions??

Also don't forget to comment if you have a good book recommendation! I always love a new book.


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  1. Oh, I love books!!! One of my goals this year is reading more, too! I joined Emma Watson's feminist book club on Goodreads. I will follow you there. This month we read My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem. I would definitely recommend this book, if you haven't read it already. It makes me want to travel & meet new people & be part of social movements across the country & the world. I have my 2016 book list on my blog, if you would like to check it out.

    PS I really like your blog! I discovered it through Bloglovin'.

    Kate from kateboheme.blogspot.com