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Valentine Gift for the Men In Your Life...

Shopping for the men in your life can be rough. For me I have the hardest time coming up with ideas of what to get my husband Colin. A few months ago I happened to get in touch with the brand Dazi and their owner. I have since fell in love with the company and their amazing products. Valentines Day is coming up and I thought it would be the perfect time to share Dazi with you! 

They use to be named 'Simply Skinny Ties' but recently have rebranded to the name 'Dazi.' [read more about that here.] I am a sucker for skinny ties and have become obsessed with their floral line. I could buy every single one of their ties and be the happiest wife. They are such well made ties and their patterns are phenomenal. 

Not only do they have these rad skinny ties for a great price, but they tons of other accessories as well; Watches, bowties, and accessories. Colin loves these ties and practically wears them almost every Sunday. 

It's hard to find skinny ties that look this good for such an amazing price. Don't forget to grab one for your husband/boyfriend for Valentines Day! It makes the perfect gift, and of course looks classy!

The first tie is called the 'Ron Burgundy'
and the second one is called the 'Navy Blue Floral.'
Happy Shopping!

Go check out Dazi HERE


post is a collaboration with Dazi, but all opinions are my own

Maskcara IIID Foundation Review...

{FOUNDATION PALETTE: Light / HAC BRUSH: Maskcara '30 Second HAC brush'}

I have followed Mascara for a long time. I have contemplated for awhile whether or not to try out her IIID Foundation. I saw so many pictures and how it complimented peoples skin, looked so glowingly natural as well as gave good coverage. Last week I finally caved.

I bought her premade palette in Light
Contour: Walnut
Highlighter: White Peach
Illuminator: Pearl

I have been wearing it for a few days and there are a few pros and cons. I LOVE how natural it looks on once it is all blended. The Light palette is perfect for my skin tone and seems so natural. Also the brush makes it very easy to apply. I watched one of her tutorial videos and it really makes is so easy to apply your foundation. 

A couple things I didn't love were that once I had applied it and blended it I felt like I had to set it with a translucent powder. I do have oily skin and by the end of the day I felt like the foundation had sort of melted off my face. 

It would be perfect for a short term wear or pictures for me. Although I am in love with the Pink Grapefruit blush. I have been wearing it everyday even when I don't wear her IIID Foundation. It is the perfect shade and it is not too much. It is such a natural pretty blush. 

Overall I loved the foundation but wish it stayed on my skin better. I recommend you give it a try if you have been wondering about it! It looks so good on and so wonderful. 



Yesterday Colin and I went snowboarding. It was only the second time I have ever been in my life and it made me remember why. My sister's boyfriend got us free passes so we all decided to take a trip up to Sundance and go snowboarding.

The scenery was beautiful! I am a sucker for some good snow-covered trees. I kept 'oooing' and 'awwing' the whole way up there. 

As we strapped on all our gear and headed up the lift I started to get nervous. I didn't remember how to get off the lift. I was starting to freak out as we were nearing our stop. Of course the instant we hit ground, I ended up on the ground. 

So I scooted my way over to the side and hooked my other foot in. My sister and I decided to go together. I will say I made it down most of the hill. There were parts I was on my butt almost as much as I was on my feet. I was convinced every time I crashed that I broke something...luckily I didn't or my dentist would have a good laugh with his assistant try to suction with a broken arm. 

I am definitely feeling those falls today...

It was a day well spent with the best people. Not sure if I'll brave the hill again, but I thought you could use a good laugh.

Have you gone on any fun adventures yet in the New Year? 




Hello 2016! I hope you all have been having a good 2016 so far.
Every year, like most everyone else, I create my goals for the year.
Sometimes I don't stick with them as well as I would like...

This year I have a few.

1. First off I LOVE to read. I have always been a book work and use to spend my summers reading away. I want to make more time for reading. It is like a therapy to me. There is nothing better than picking up a book and escaping for awhile. {so if you have any good suggestions, I would love if you would comment with your recommendations. Also if you are a fellow reader, follow me on Goodreads!}

2. Spend more {quality} time with my husband and less on my phone. I swear sometimes we say, "lets watch a movie and cuddle." Then 5 minutes into the movie we are both on our phones. I hate how reliant I have become on my phone and I really want to try and break that habit. I miss spending quality time with Colin and I'm gonna try to make him and us my #1 priority. Instagram can wait.

3. I would like to be healthier. Yes it is a recurring one, and I'm sure its on quite a few other people's lists. Last January Colin and I did WHOLE 30 and I loved it! I felt so good and energized, and it was great to know that I could eat basically as much as I wanted and it as good for me. I want to feel good. I have a secret love for all sweets that probably needs to simmer. 

4. I miss running. In college I would run whenever I was stressed or frustrated, which happened to be most days. So running was a release. I would just like to be active and make my body feel good.

What are your New Years Goals/Resolutions??

Also don't forget to comment if you have a good book recommendation! I always love a new book.


What I Wore: New Years Eve...

Happy New Year! Keep scrolling to see what I wore New Years Eve. Same shirt, two different looks.

SHIRT: Forever 21 / COAT: Forever 21, old (similar here) / PANTS: Pacsun / BOOTS: Forever 21 / EARRINGS: H&M / BAG: Amazon

SHIRT: Forever 21 / SKIRT: Forever 21 / HEELS: Forever 21 / CLUTCH: Old Navy / LIPS: Crushed Grape by Clinique, out of stock / EARRINGS: H&M / CONFETTI: Lurchers


Happy New Year! I hope you all had the best New Years Eve and rang in the New Year with lots of glitter, sequins and smooches. Colin and I celebrated by playing games, drinking Martinelli's and traditionally watching the ball drop at Time Square. Then of course we kissed at midnight. No way better to start out the New Year than a smooch from your handsome husband.

There is nothing I love more than a refreshing New Year to start all over again and accomplish things I want...Even if it means starting the year by sleeping till 11:00 and staying in pajamas all day. {guilty}

I love New Years resolutions and how they give me the opportunity to do something different or start over.  I am excited to see where this little blog goes this year and to look back on how I've changed and how I've grown. 

I started this blog because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to branch out, try something new and be daring in my fashion choices. I have always loved clothes and since I have started this little blog ideas are constantly running through my mind and I am picking out outfits that I wouldn't have always chosen before. It has been an adventure already.

Cheers to another year! 
Happy 2016!
Let's make it the best.


*comment below with what you did for New Years or what your New Years resolutions are!*